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Krispy Wings – 90
1336 Jackson Ave. Memphis, TN 38053
Violations include: uncovered cut tomatoes inside fridge, employees preparing food without hair restraint, dirty 3 compartment sink, chlorine test strips not provided, dirty fridge interior, hot water turned off at 3 compartment sink, water leak at water fountain and mop sink, covered waste bin, soap and paper towels not provided, dirty floors and equipment exterior.

Pearl’s Oyster House – 90
299 S. Main St. Memphis, TN 38103
Violations include: proper thawing of meat is under cold running water – not sitting in water, thermometers needed inside reach in freezer, tea needs to be covered in kitchen area, bag of sugar stored on the floor, wiping cloths need to be stored in sanitizer water, pots and pans need to be sotred right side down and off the floor, to-go plates need to be stored right side down at server station, cutting boards need replacing – too many grooves, dumpster lid left open. Kitchen and walk in cooler floors, walls and ceiling need cleaning, remove ice from walk in freezer, equipment needs cleaning, new permit needs to be posted.

Elena’s Taco Shop – 86
6105 Highway 70 Memphis, TN 38134
Violations include: employee drinking while working food line, drink machine has pink slime present, no thermometer at cold holding table, unlabeled food containers, wiping cloth stored at hand sink, no soap in men’s restroom, most recent inspection not posted.

Rockhouse Live (Restaurant) – 79
5709 Raleigh LaGrange Rd. Memphis, TN 38134
Violations include: no paper towels at hand sink and dishes stored inside hand sink, lettuce is browning, no date marking on TCS (temperature control for safety) foods: coleslaw, sliced tomatoes, cooked chicken. Unlabeled food in walk in cooler, open bag of chicken breading, no hair restraints worn in kitchen while preparing hot dog, dipping sauce cups used as scoops stored in coleslaw and ranch, exterior and interior of microwave is dirty, cutting boards have too many grooves and need to be replaced, cooler used for dishes has food debris at the bottom, grease build up on fryer and stove, shelves next to fryer and behind it are dirty, can opener needs to be washed, rinsed and sanitized. Pipe leaking under 3 compartment sink, walls are dirty and damaged, floor tiles cracked in kitchen, ceiling tile missing by back door, cardboard box used to cover ceiling, inadequate lighting in kitchen, light blown out next to walk in cooler and needs lighting near 3 compartment sink, light blown out under vent-a-hood, permit expired in June 2022.


Arnold’s BBQ
320 Monroe Ave. Suite #2 Memphis, TN 38103

Blues City Hot Dog Cart
1317 Merrycrest Memphis, TN 38111

Champion Wingz-N-Thingz
4206 Millbranch Rd. Memphis, TN 38116

Chuck’s Wagon Food Truck
4026 Twin Lakes Dr. Memphis, TN 38128

Cupcake Cutie
300 S. Main St. Memphis, TN 38103

Island Queen
45 Riverside Dr. Memphis, TN 38103

McEwen’s on Monroe
120 Monroe Ave. Memphis, TN 38103

Memphis Queen #3
45 Riverside Dr. Memphis, TN 38103

Memphis Showboat
45 Riverside Dr. Memphis, TN 38103

Raven & Lilly – Bar
120 E. Mulberry Collierville, TN 38017

Rendezvous – Upstairs Bar
52 S. Second St. Memphis, TN 38103

Ridgeway Country Club Men’s / Mixed Bar
9800 Poplar Ave. Germantown, TN 38139

Ridgeway Country Club Golf Snack Bar
9800 Poplar Ave. Germantown, TN 38139

Rizzi Pizza & Paradisio Pub
6230 Greenlee St. Suite #4 Arlington, TN 38002

Zopita’s on the Square
114 N. Main St. Collierville, TN 38017