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Lowest Scores:

Belly Acres
2102 Trimble Place, Memphis
Score: 79
Violations include: Unclean ice machine; Flies in the kitchen and dining area; Food employees not wearing hairnets; Dusty ceiling. See report.

Side Street Grill
35 S. Florence, Memphis
Score: 84
Violations include: Foods not reheated properly; Alfredo sauce being stored in a Home Depot bucket; Cutting boards deeply strained; Freezers have ice buildup; Kitchen walls not clean; Vent hood not clean. See report.

Saltwater Crab
2059 Madison Avenue, Memphis
Score: 87
Violations include: Unlcean ice machine; Broken thermometer inside the walk-in freezer; Incorrect labels on food containers; Only one stall has a sanitary napkin receptacle; Ceiling fan vent in men’s restroom is very dusty. See report.


Tony Johnson Catering
La Michoacana