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Hampton Inn (Food Service) – 86
962 S. Shady Grove Memphis, TN 38120
Violations include: hand sink blocked by mop bucket and not supplied with paper towels, sausage held below 135 degrees, chlorine concentrations dispensed too high – should be between 50-100 ppm, fridge thermometer was inaccurate, single-use cups and bowls stored on the floor.

Laurel Glen at Memphis – 88
1645 Massey Road West, Memphis, TN 38120
Violations Include: ground beef was found thawing next to ready-to-eat ham, walk-in cooler is improperly holding potentially hazardous food items above 41 degrees – discontinued used until repaired, person in charge discarded all TCS foods during inspection, ground beef thawing with juices touching ready-to-eat ham, walk-in cooler needs repair to fix defective closure – door not sealing properly, sanitizer concentration is too low in 3-compartment sink.

Yum’s – 89
1934 S. Third St. Memphis, TN 38109
Violations Include: clean and label food containers in kitchen, food must be covered inside walk-in cooler, opened bags of breading must be stored in a container, wet cloths must be stored in sanitized water, pots and pans must be stored inverted, to-go containers must be stored inverted, dry storage area needs reorganization, kitchen shelves need cleaning, women’s restroom needs a complete cover on waste container, mops and brooms need to be stored properly, cooking equipment needs cleaning, floors and ceilings need cleaning, recent permit not posted.

Subway #13620 – 90
2953 S. Third St. Memphis, TN 38109
Violations include: all hand sinks must be properly equipped, cookie sheet pans need to be stored properly, air gap needed on ice machine in seating area, repair drain pipe on hand sink in kitchen, water leaking onto floor, women’s restroom needs covered waste container, sliding dumpster door left open. Ceiling tiles and vent covers in kitchen need cleaning, mops and brooms must be stored hanging up.


Aramark Correctional Food Services (Jail East)
6201 Haley Rd. Memphis, TN 38134

Baptist College Cafe
1003 Monroe Memphis, TN 38104

Christ’s Community Church / Urban Comm Ministry
715 St. Paul Ave. Memphis, TN 38103

2260 S. Third Memphis, TN 38133

MIFA – Orange Mound
2590 Park Ave. Memphis, TN 38114