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Energy – 70
103 S. Court Memphis, TN 38103
Violations include: no employee illness policy present, no hand soap available for hand sink in the kitchen, observed uncovered eggs stored on top of cooler above uncovered food items, observed food items held at improper cold holding temperatures, no consumer advisory or disclaimer present for items on menu, no thermometers present in deep freezers and freezer area, observed unlabeled bottles near grill area, unlabeled containers near the white refrigerator, gnats observed in back area, observed uncovered food items inside cooler area, observed pots and pans stored improperly, observed dirty microwave and ice buildup inside deep freezer as well as freezer area, no test strips available, clogged toilet in women’s restroom, damaged floor tiles in freezer area, wet floors in back areas.

Inspector’s note: no cooking during inspection.

Antojitos Chino Chapin (Mobile Unit) – 73
4115 Arrowhead Rd. Memphis, TN 38118
Violations include: Person in charge failed to demonstrate knowledge regarding food cooking temperatures, names of sinks, use and need for test strips as well as hot holding, no employee illness policy present, food inside large freezer bags frozen and stacked all over combination compartment freezer, no thermometer in freezer, unlabeled food containers, food chopping equipment stored without cleaning, single-use bulk items stored on the floor, bare food wound on storage food stand for equipment guard, no test strips available, food equipment is exterior is dirty, floor is dirty.

Yum’s Sandwich Shop – 76
2265 Park Ave. Memphis, TN 38114
Violations include: person in charge failed to demonstrate knowledge of food code. Storage containers for rice, sugar, flour, corn starch are not food grade materials, vegetables stored on floor in walk-in cooler, cutting boards on deli stand need replacing, PIC (person in charge) could not explain the cooling down procedure for chicken bites, chicken bites not meeting hot hold temperatures, no date marking on cut mushrooms or chopped green onions, no thermometers found in deep freezers, no label on sugar or rice containers, no label on sugar and rice containers. Rice, flour, sugar, corn starch are improperly stored in non-food grade containers, restroom 2 has a leak in the ceiling, ceiling and walls have buildup of dust.

D’bo’s Buffalo Wings #2 – 80
4407 Elvis Presley Blvd. Memphis, TN 38116
Violations include: PIC (person in charge) failed to demonstrate knowledge regarding food code, no employee health policy present, ice machine behind counter has slime buildup, no thermometers inside deep freezers, deep freezers need to be defrosted, 3 compartment sink not properly setup, observed an employee washing and rinsing off dishes, dumpster lid left open, ceiling and walls inside food prep area need cleaning due to grease and dust buildup.

Dixie Queen – 84
5865 Summer Ave. Memphis, TN 38134
Violations include: raw food stored over ready-to-eat foods, raw bacon and raw beef patties stored over tomatoes, chicken wings stored on counter and not maintaining cold holding temperatures, no food thermometer, unlabeled sauce containers and slushy flavors, ice scoop stored on top of ice machine, ice buildup inside deep freezer, no paper towels in restroom, ventilation hood is dusty.

Inspector’s note: Chicken wings in Container #1 was cooked yesterday and placed in cooler overnight. When temperatures of chicken were checked, it was 50° F. Food has to be cold held (41° F or below) or hot held (135° F or above)

The chicken in container #2 was cooked this morning and was going through the cooling down process. This chicken temperature was 88 degrees Fahrenheit

American Deli – 85
5849 Summer Ave. Memphis, TN 38134
Violations include: rice inside walk-in cooler was cooked the day before, but not date marked. Thermometer is not present inside walk-in freezer and deep freezer, unlabeled food containers (sauce and seasoning unlabeled), bag of sugar stored on floor next to container of sugar, lid left open on container of sugar, uncovered food in prep cooler and reach-in freezer, employees observed not wearing hair restraint while prepping food, wiping cloth stored on counter and cutting board at prep table, styrofoam cup used a a scoop inside seasoning container, sanitizer test strips not available, chlorine levels at 200 ppm – too much bleach inside sanitizer bucket, 3 compartment sink pipe is leaking when water goes down the drain, glass door broken near drive-thru, door is boarded up with wood.


Chubbs Chicken & Ribbs
4678 Hedges Dr. Memphis, TN 38128

Chuck’s Wagon Food Truck
4026 Twin Lakes Dr. Memphis, TN 38128

Crawfish Cabin
9704 Kings Bridge Cv. Memphis, TN 38002

Katie’s Kitchen
9056 Poplar Pike, Suite 109 Germantown, TN 38138

La Potosina
3488 Overton Crossing Memphis, TN 38127

Momm’s Grilling
6586 Kirby Gate Cv. Memphis, TN 38119

Taqueria Mexico City
5055 Cedrick Ave. Memphis, TN 38118