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Extended Stay Memphis – 69
5225 Summer Ave Memphis, TN 38122
Violations include: Room 157 toilet does not flush properly, trash and debris present around and throughout the property, guest placed trash outside the rooms – which is not allowed, Room 157 does not have a working smoke detector, exit signs are not lit up and emergency lights did not come on in lobby, restrooms in lobby need attention – no toilet paper, soap or towels present in either restroom, outside walls have dirt buildup and cobwebs, outside ceiling deteriorated, Room 157 has paint peeling in bathtub as well as vent cover not present inside bathroom – you can see parts of the vent in the wall, paint splatter on several windows, broken windows need repair, Room 157 has no hangers or closet rod present as well as a stained pillow, lampshade, chair and peeling on TV console, floors inside lobby area must be swept and mopped, floors not in good repair inside laundry, Room 157 has dirty walls, stained ceiling tiles in lobby area and bathrooms and laundry was on the floor.

Note: property is under renovation and several rooms have already been gutted. Room 157 was the only clean room available.

Tokyo Grill – 71
680 N Germantown, Suite 46 Cordova, TN 38018
Violations include: No employee illness policy present, soap at first handwashing sink felt like it felt like water had been added to it, eggs needed to be separate from ready to eat food (avocado), raw meat (beef) was stored on top of container, drink machine needs to be washed, rinsed and sanitized, pink slime and black grime present in ice dispenser, did not have food thermometer and they used their hands to touch pan to see if food has cooled, chicken covered in plastic wrap, cut mushrooms, zucchini and chicken does not date marking in place, there was no consumer advisory provided on menu, no food thermometer present, wiping cloth not stored in sanitizer bucket, scoops stored in flour and corn starch containers, had a box with a grocery store bag inside as a trash can, did not have proper waste containers in the bathrooms, women’s restroom must had a waste container with a lid for sanitary napkins, current permit not posted.

Garden Inn & Suites – Original 72, follow-up 72
3419 American Way Memphis, TN 38138
Violations include: first floor ice machine had black mold and pink slime present, trash and debris present … , bag of garbage at door near dumpster, dumpster left open and surrounded by debris, debris present outside premises, mattresses present outside rear of property, Room 103 had a smoke detector with no battery, Room 201 had no smoke detector, 2nd floor fire extinguisher out of service date, emergency lights not working on 2nd floor eastern hallway, stained and dirty walls present throughout property, 1st floor west hallway had plank of wood in hallway, Room 103 has black ring in toilet no toilet paper on holder, Room 201 had no toilet paper on holder, no telephones present in Room 103 or 201, no clothes hangers present in 103 or 201 and closet area racks are rusting, 103 has stained mattress in sleeper sofa, 201 has stained mattress with holes in top cover, 103 has stained pillows, stained bed bug cover with holes present, 201 has stained top sheet and fitted sheet, both 103 and 201 have burned and dirty microwaves as well as frosty and dirty refrigerators, 103 and 201 draperies were stained, sofa pillows in 103 were soiled, first and second floor carpets were dirty throughout the hotel, floor in boiler room is not in good repair – vinyl is peeling from floor, Room 103, 201 and laundry room have dirty and stained walls, lobby has holes in ceiling, cracks in the walls and stains on the walls, dirty linen on floor, no current permit posted – fees need to be paid immediately (corrected), unable to retrieve most current inspection (corrected), broken vending machine present in the lobby.

El Mezcal – 74
694 N. Germantown Pkwy, Suite 48 Cordova, TN 38018
Violations include: employees not washing hands when they change stations, employees hands touched chips while pouring them into basket, eggs were on top shelf and should be placed on the bottom shelf, refried beans did not reach 165 degrees but was 158 degrees, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream inside walk-in cooler did not have date marked, sanitizer present in sanitizer bucket was too high (200 ppm), bowls next to queso need to be inverted, dumpster doors open.

American Deli – 75
5849 Summer Ave Memphis, TN 38134
Violation include: person in charge did not demonstrate appropriate knowledge, observed employee enter food prep area without washing hands, raw eggs stored over raw fish in walk-in cooler, grilled chicken not maintained at 135 degrees, cold foods not maintained at 41 degrees, no labels present on food containers, employee not wearing hair restraint while preparing food, spoons and forks improperly stored on counters, ice build-up present inside walk-in freezer, trash left on the ground inside dumpster enclosure, trash in parking lot and grass area.

Church’s Fried Chicken #1020 – 76
2237 Frayser Blvd. Memphis, TN 38127
Violations include: employee changed gloves without washing hands after discarding dirty gloves, paper towels not provided in hand sink, pink slime present in ice machine, mac and cheese was 138 degrees and gravy was at 120 degrees, thermometer not provided in walk-in cooler, employees preparing food without hair restraints, quaternary ammonia test strips not provided, freezer and cooler interiors were dirty, covered receptacle not provided in women’s restroom, boxes and trash present around dumpster, dirty floor inside walk-in cooler, dirty equipment, dirty/wet floors, damaged floor tiles.

Germantown Commissary – 79
2290 Germantown Germantown, TN 38138
Violations include: hand sinks were missing paper towels, back sink did not have soap, ice machine needs cleaning to remove debris, macaroni and beef brisket were not held above 135 degrees, prep cooler was not maintaining temperatures below 41 degrees, commercial dishwasher outputs too much chlorine, uncovered beans in freezer, uncovered items inside cooler, several employees were missing hair nets or hats, commercial dishwasher outputs too much chlorine and needs repair, floors are uneven, ceiling is stained.

Waffle House #1205 – 82
1249 S. Germantown Germantown, TN 38138
Violations include: food at prep cooler is not being held at 41 degrees, improper use of chemicals in wiping cloth buckets (chlorine concentration too high at 200 ppm), thermometer is inaccurate in walk-in cooler and freezer, food stored uncovered in the 4-door cooler by the grill, cook not wearing a hair restraint, employee using unapproved hair restraint (visor), clean cups and plates stored improperly, standing water inside hashbrown cooler, food debris on interior of prep cooler, wash temperature rinse gauge does not work in dishwasher, interior of coolers needs cleaning to remove debris and standing water, floors are slippery in kitchen, standing water near ice machine.


901 Tasty’s (Mobile Unit)
4088 Claudette Ave Memphis, TN 38118

Ain’t It the Life (Mobile Unit)
10640 Chapel Hill Road, Local Permit #2157 Arlington, TN 38002

All Star Hot Wings
2857 Kirby Parkway, Suite 110 Memphis, TN 38119

Exline’s Pizza
2801 Kirby Pkwy, Suite 701 Memphis, TN 38119

Femional Food (Mobile Unit)
4678 WInter Park Memphis, TN 38141

Knife Bird (Bar)
2155 Central Ave Memphis, TN 38104

Los Cabos Seafood Bar and Grill
6542 Quince Memphis, TN 38119

MIFA – Jewish Community Center
6560 Poplar Ave Memphis, TN 38138

MIFA – Plough Towers
6580 Poplar Ave Memphis, TN 38138

New China
2857 Kirby Parkway Suite 113 Memphis, TN 38117

Subway #28532
2809 Kirby Rd, Suite #111 Memphis, TN 38119

Taqueria Los Compadres
5895 Winchester Road Memphis, TN 38125

Tsunami (Bar)
928 S. Cooper Memphis, TN 38104

2845 Kirby Parkway Memphis, TN 38119