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Supreme Hot Wings – 90
1674 Whitten Rd. Suite 102 Memphis, TN 38134
Violations include: pink slime present inside the ice machine, open bags of sugar and flour on shelf, wiping cloth stored on counter by microwave, sanitizer test strips not available, grease buildup on fryer, wiping cloths and card board on floors by fryers, ceiling tiles are dusty and stained, buildup present on walls

Flames – 88
546 S. Highland St. Memphis, TN
Violations include: violation not corrected (worn cutting board not replaced), no thermometers in chest freezer, all food containers must be labeled inside coolers, rear door open (needs to provide a screen door), employees observed without hair restraint or beard guard, to-go containers improperly stored on counter and floor, ice buildup inside chest freezer, recent inspection not posted.

McDonald’s #35854 (Food Service) – 88
614 S. Highland St. Memphis, TN 38111
Violations include: violation not corrected (black buildup inside both ice machines), gnats observed in the McCafe area, beef patty left uncovered in freezer, employees not wearing proper hair restraint while prepping food, coffee filters uncovered on coffee machine, interior of cooler and freezer, rubber gasket needs to be replaced and cleaned on both coolers and freezers.

Kale Yeah It’s Vegan LLC – 82
111 S. Highland St. Memphis, TN 38111
Violations include: PIC (person in charge) failed to demonstrate knowledge of safe food handling, equipment or food temperatures (example: test strips, the name of the three compartment sink, the need for thermometers), no sanitizer on site, no thermometer on site for food and equipment temp monitoring, freezer compartment almost closed with frost, quat strip used for chlorine testing, food residue present on equipment, no hot water available during inspection, no trash can present during inspection, wall has a gap between ceiling surfaces, permit not posted.

Inspector’s Note: Operator needs more training in overall food safety. I provided some training today which consumed a lot of time. A registration in a food safety course is needed to correct #1. Ten days may not be enough time to complete a course.

Saito 1 Hibachi and Grill – 76
6600 Stage Rd. Suite 101 Bartlett, TN 38134
Violations include: raw steak stored over raw shrimp inside walk-in cooler and prep cooler, microwaves are dirty and need cleaning, kitchen chef observed reheating food in microwave, food sitting on counter not maintaining hot holding temps, produce prepped the day before was not date marked, unlabeled food, gnats present in the kitchen, food left uncovered inside top freezer, wiping cloth stored on counter by grill, refrigerator needs to be washed, rinsed and sanitized. Produce cutting board has too many grooves and is stained, cabinets in server area are dirty and need to be cleaned, grease buildup on equipment, wallpaper peeling in women’s restroom, dumpster door left open, ceiling vents are dirty.

Big Bill’s BBQ – 65
4101 Elvis Presley Blvd. Memphis, TN 38116
Violations include: manager said someone broke into the restaurant and stole paperwork, personal cell phone on cutting board in food prep area, employees not washing hands when changing stations, employees observed using bare hands to scoop up already cooked fries to recook, no paper towels or hand soap at either hand washing station, cooked ribs stored in non-food grade plastic bag, boxes of ribs stored on the floor, canned drinks and bottled water stored on the floor, cutting boards need replacing, beef hot holding temp was 116 °F, cole slaw and tomatoes out of proper cold holding temperatures, employees observed not wearing hair restraint, gloves are not properly being used when changing stations, employee observed improperly setting up three compartment sink to wash dishes, grease buildup present on appliances and walls, floors in the kitchen need cleaning.


Corky’s (Bar)
5259 Poplar Ave. Memphis, TN 38119

Hot N Heavy Dogs
1163 Hunters Green Circle South Cordova, TN 38018

Hyatt Place (Bar)
1220 Primacy Pkwy. Memphis, TN 38119

Nam King
3624 Austin Peay Memphis, TN 38128

Pok Cha’s Egg Rolls, LLC
1448 Whitworth Cove Southaven, MS 38671

Tacos Ricos (Mobile Unit)
4245 Bayliss Ave. memphis, TN 38108

Whimsy Cookie Company
4704 Poplar Ave. Memphis, TN 38117