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Baby Jack’s BBQ – 81
7610 Highway 70 Bartlett, TN 38133
Violations include: no paper towels at back or front, black buildup present on drink nozzle at drive through, degreaser and sanitizer bottles not labelled, no thermometer in prep cooler, flies present, potato oven needs cleaning, no test strips available, dumpster door lid was left open, boxes present around dumpster, ceiling tiles are dusty and stained, most recent inspection not posted.

The Memphis Inn – 74
4879 American Way Memphis, TN 38118
Violations include: office ice machine has black residue present on dispenser, dumpster lid left open, dumpster area had debris and other items present, smoke detectors were missing in rooms #233, #234, and #235, no fire evacuation plans in room #235, rooms #233, #234, #235 and #106 need anti slip for bathtub.

Room #106 – has no telephone present, and light needs replacing, stained mattress and comforter, sheets, pillows and pillowcases, holes in comforter and sheets, stained curtains, drawer missing handle on top shelf.
Room #233 – stained pillows and pillowcases, holes in mattress pad, bed is missing fitted sheet, end tables are missing knobs to open and close drawers.
Room #234 – Window area cracked, stained pillows, pillowcases, sheets, mattress pads, and mattress. Holes in mattress pad, fitted sheet missing, vent in restroom needs cleaning.
Room #235 – stains and holes on mattress pad and sheets, stains on pillow, bed is missing fitted sheet, vent in restroom needs cleaning.


Bertha’s 9th Lane Italian Ice
PO Box 40274 Memphis, TN 38174

Lola B’s
2025 Clifton Ave Memphis, TN 38127

Mellow Mushroom Pizza (Bar)
9155 US Highway 72 Suite # 26 Germantown, TN 38138

Rock N Roll Sushi (Bar)
9155 Poplar Ave #19 Germantown, TN 38318

Sno Me Something LLC
300 N Houston Levee Cordova, TN 38018

Taco Bell
7571 US Highway 70 Memphis, TN 38133

Top Dawg (Food Service)
7396 Bayou Bend Cove Memphis, TN 38125

Variety Food Service
7487 Morgan House Dr. Memphis, TN 38125