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Curry Bowl – 83
4141 Hacks Cross Memphis, TN 38125
Violations include: cutting board is worn and needs replacing, black buildup inside ice machine, no date marking on cold holding foods, unlabeled food containers, bag of carrots stored on the floor, food left uncovered on prep table, employee prepping food without hair restraint, wiping cloth improperly stored on counter, ice scoop stored improperly inside ice machine, single-use bowls stored improperly, worn food containers under prep table.

Panera Bread – 80
714 N Germantown Pkwy. Suite 39 Cordova, TN 38018
Violations include: personal items stored with food for customers, in-use cutting boards have deep grooves and need to be replaced, observed several containers of lettuce out of proper cold holding temperatures, gnats present in back of house, observed stained vents in restrooms, dumpster left open, stained ceiling tiles in back of house, permit not current.

Inspector note: Due to critical violations present, a follow-up is scheduled in 10 days.

Springhill Suites E&D – 79
85 W. Court St. Memphis, TN 38103
Violations include: employees failed to demonstrate knowledge of proper cold and hot holding temperatures, observed employees not washing hands between tasks, improper cold holding temperatures for spinach, plastic cups in the cabinet stored on the floor, employees switching tasks without switching gloves, ice buildup present in milk and yogurt cooler, men’s restroom is dirty and trash needs to be taken out, women’s restroom needs waste bin with a lid, trash present around dumpster area, observed dirty cabinets in coffee area.

Inspector’s Note: Due to critical violations present, a follow-up is scheduled in 10 days.

STIX (Food Service) – 78
4680 Merchants Park Collierville, TN 38017
Violations include: no hot water at hand sink behind sushi bar (it has its own hot water tank under the sink), raw food stored over ready to eat foods, improper date marking, five (5) chemical spray bottles did not have labels, unlabeled food in coolers, uncovered food in containers, food buckets stored on the floor, wiping cloth stored on cutting boards, ice scoop sitting on rack at drink machine, scoop left in seasoning with handle touching food, employee did not change gloves to handle raw shrimp, raw beef and ready to eat foods, light bulb out above ventilation hood, expired permit.

Inspector’s Note: Please pay for health permit within 48 hours. If permit is not paid restaurant will be closed until fee is paid.

Dixie Queen – 77
1884 Germantown Pkwy. Cordova, TN 38016
Violations include: employee observed switching stations without washing hands, uncovered eggs stored above meat, failure to demonstrate knowledge regarding chicken cool down process, thermometer inside walk in cooler and freezer are missing, unlabeled food containers, personal items stored in food storage, pots and pans need to be stored inverted unless they have a lid. Ice cream freezer, fridge near the ice freezer and walk-in freezer need to be defrosted due to ice buildup. No soap in the men’s restroom. Men’s and women’s restrooms need cleaning, dumpster gate left open plus cardboard boxes and trash present in dumpster area, kitchen floors and floors inside cooler and freezer need cleaning, dirty ceiling tiles in the lobby area, current permit not posted.

Inspector’s Note: Due to critical violations present, a follow-up is scheduled in 10 days.

YNOT Bar and Restaurant – 73
1166 N. Houston Levee Cordova, TN 38018
Violations include: no employee illness policy in place, hand sink blocked by cluttered equipment, eggs stored above lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and other veggies in breakfast cooler, pink substances inside ice machine, raw chicken wings were above 41 degrees, no thermometer inside reach in cooler, containers of chicken not labeled, bags of raw bacon left open inside cooler, no sanitizer test strips, no trash can with lid in women’s restroom, grease buildup on ventilation hood, fryers and floors.

Inspector’s note: No warewashing during the time of inspection. Person in charge signature is on file with paper inspection report.

Jason’s Deli of Cordova – 70
1585 Chickering Ln. Cordova, TN 38018
Violations include: person in charge (PIC) given copy of illness policy, observed employees switch tasks without washing hands, observed hand sink that does not work – must be repaired or replaced. Black, green and pink residue present on ice machine. Ice / drink station needs to be sanitized. Several items at prep stations observed above proper cold holding temperatures (41 degrees), observed unlabeled containers in back prep area, employee observed prepping food without hair restraint, cooking items (pots, pans, bowls) stored on the floor, employee observed switching stations without changing gloves, cutting board has deep grooves and needs replacing, dumpster gate left open, wet and dirty floors in kitchen area, wall damaged at the sink next to dishwasher, observed light hanging in front of establishment, expired 2021 permit posted.

Inspector’s note: Due to critical violations present, a follow-up is scheduled in 10 days.

Danver’s – 55
1380 N. Germantown Pkwy. Cordova, TN 38016
Violations include: PIC (person in charge) provided illness policy, employee observed drinking at drive-thru window and food prep area, employees observed not washing hands after switching tasks, no hand washing signs present at 3 hand washing sinks. Frozen meat observed with ice buildup inside walk in freezer and frozen okra observed uncovered in freezer. Raw fish stored next to carrots and personal items stored next to food for customers. Dirty grills and cooking equipment, front salad bar items are reading above proper cold holding temperatures, thermometer in walk in cooler is not working.

Insects observed crawling on walls behind dishwasher. Food items stored on the floor in walk in cooler and food items stored on floor inside storage, multiple dented cans present in storage area, employees observed preparing food without hair restraints, stained cutting board at the prep cooler, dumpster door and gate left open, trash present in dumpster area and cardboard boxes, dirty and wet floors in back of house, dirty walls in back of house, missing tile near back door, dirty ceiling tiles and vents at back of house, expired permit.

Inspector’s Note: Due to critical violations present, a follow-up is scheduled in 10 days.


Note: two childcare facilities made 100s this week.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill – Bar
4600 Merchants Park Cir. Suite 141 Collierville, TN 38017

Huey’s Collierville Restaurant Bar
2130 W. Poplar Ave. Collierville, TN 38017

Ridgeway Country Club Men’s / Mixed Bar
9800 Poplar Ave. Germantown, TN 38139