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Previous Restaurant Report Cards

Each week WREG is rounding up the highest and lowest scores from Shelby County restaurant inspections. Find more scores from Shelby County and other Tennessee counties here.

Lowest Scores:

Jr. Fish & Chicken77
4109 Elvis Presley Blvd Memphis, TN 38116
Note: Priority violations found at this location

Violations include: lettuce turning brown, tomatoes and chicken in the three compartment sink were above 41° F, raw chicken stored in three compartment sink without running cold water, shrimp found inside a container labeled catfish nuggets, cook did not have hair restraint, prep coolers need cleaning, toilet doesn’t flush in restroom, trash found near fire exit in back of kitchen, missing ceiling and floor tiles.

Radisson Hotel, East Memphis77
2625 Thousand Oaks Blvd Memphis, TN 38118
Violations include: All ice machines on floors five, six and seven need to be washed, rinsed and sanitized, fire extinguisher expired in October 2020 and had not been inspected since then, exit lights not fully working or half working, men’s restroom has a urinal leak and the women’s restroom sink is not working properly, room toilet not cleaned, all ventilation in rooms needs to be cleaned, beds had multiple stains and need cleaning.

Hyatt Place Hotel (Food Service) – 79
1220 Primacy Parkway Memphis, TN 38119
Violations include: No employee policy present, no soap present at second hand washing sink, ice machine needs washing and sanitizing, pink slime and mold present as well as stoves and ovens need cleaning, improper date marking for food prep, expired milk present, thermometers not present, food not properly labelled, ice scoop stored improperly, kitchen floors need cleaning, compliance with TN Non-Smoker Protection Act.

Springhill Suites (Bar) – 79
85 Court St. Memphis, TN 38103
Violations include: Management was unaware or no policy present, no soap and paper towels at handwashing sink and trash can blocking sink, lemon and lime do no have proper date marking or labels, ware washing was not working properly, sanitizer was low and temperature was low, dumpster door left open, ceiling tile stained and bar light fixture had food or drink splattered on it, current permit not posted, current inspection not posted, compliance with TN Non-Smokers Protection Act.

Chili’s – 84
8526 Highway 51 N. Millington, TN 38053
Inspector’s note: cutting boards replaced but no points returned due to not replacing within 10 days.

Violations include: cutting boards are stained and worn, food containers are missing labels, food in cooler not covered, staff not wearing hair restraint, utensils not stored inverted, rusty equipment found in cooking area, equipment highly contaminated with food splatter, spillage residue, caked on decayed food matter and stuck food deposits, faucet in large hand sink does not work, dumpster left open, facility walls and ceilings are still dirty from previous inspections, lighting in cook area needs covers, ventilation in cook area missing covers.

Red Fish (Kitchen) – 87
9915 Highway 64 (Stage Road) Arlington, TN 38002
Violations include: Handwashing station needs to be properly supplied and adequate, contamination during food preparation, storage and display, wiping cloths needed to be properly used and stored, single-use and single-service articles need to be stored properly, food and nonfood-contact surfaces needed to be cleaned, nonfood-contact surfaces need cleaning.


Chick Fil-A #984
7072 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN 38125

Buffalo Wild Wings (Bar) #71
8385 Highway 64 Memphis, TN

Folk’s Folly (Bar)
551 S. Mendenhall Memphis, TN 38117

Delish Fish
4780 Riverdale Rd. Suite 11 Memphis, TN 38141

American Deli
7041 E. Shelby Drive Suite 113 Memphis, TN 38125

McDonald’s #11131
7011 E Shelby Drive Memphis, TN 38141

Capriccio’s Cafe (The Peabody Hotel)
149 Union Ave. Memphis, TN 38103

Taco Bell
6210 Winchester Road Memphis, TN 38115