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Chang’s House (Food Service) – 89
5999 Bartlett Center Dr. Memphis, TN 38134
Violations include: hand sink was not accessible, tops of soy sauce were inside hand sink, raw eggs stored on shelf over ready to eat food (vegetables), improper cooling methods, does not have thermometer and felt container to let them know when food had cooled down, bags of sugar stored on floor in storage area, large bag of potato starch and salt are open in the storage area, food present at bottom of deep freezer, empty boxes outside back door, dumpster left open, floor tile missing being cold holding table, wall by hot water tank needs repainting, ceiling is leaking.

Grille at Hickory Hill – 89
3200 Hickory Hill Rd. Memphis, TN 38115
Violations include: TCS (temperature control for safety) foods not maintained at 41 degrees, walk in cooler was at 50 degrees, no thermometer inside chest freezer, no labels on food containers, wiping cloth stored on counter, foam cups stored on food.

Flava House – 89
3279 Kirby Pkwy Memphis, TN 38115
Violations include: food thawing improperly in three compartment sink, no thermometer inside chest freezer or prep coolers, food uncovered in freezer, employee not wearing hair restraint while preparing food, to-go containers improperly stored on prep table and floor, ice buildup inside chest freezer, faucet leaking at three-compartment sink, no cold water at hand sink. Dirty equipment, ceiling tile and stained walls, grease build up on vent-a-hood filters.

Freedom Prep (Food Service) – 88
Memphis, TN 38109
Violations include: improper date marking on foods, bags of food left unlabeled in freezer, dirty equipment – two stove burners and ovens were not clean, two of the operable ovens are not in clean condition as well as the prep table and can opener, dishwasher is not in working condition, one three compartment sink does not work, hot box is inoperable, mop sink faucet leaks around top when water is on, restrooms do not have paper towels, floors need cleaning and several items need to be discarded that are in storage or in the kitchen area – box on the floor in dish washer area and empty cooler sitting on counter near serving line, current permit not posted – needs renewal, most recent inspection not posted.

Coletta’s Italian Restaurant – 85
2850 Appling Rd. Bartlett, TN 38133
Violations include: hank sink in bread making area not accessible, no paper towels at this hand sink, improper date marking, cooked/prepped food held in cooler over 24 hours without date mark, unlabeled food in cooler, dirty wiping cloth stored on counter, trash on ground around dumpster area, ceiling tiles are dirty in kitchen, lights blown out at ventilation hood, vent needs cleaning, current permit is not posted – permit expired June 30, 2022.

Inspector note: Educated manager on date marking. All sinks must be accessible and properly supplied even if no one uses it.

Freedom Prep Elementary Academy, Brownlee – 81
Memphis, TN 38116
Violations include: handwashing sink in serving line does not work properly – faucet has low water pressure and hot water is not working, two boxes of raw chicken stored in walk-in refrigerator on high shelves – chicken must be stored on the bottom shelf to prevent contamination, two milk containers above 50 degrees, several food items are stationary without being prepared immediately, no thermometer inside milk cooler, several items not properly labeled, several boxes observed on the floor – must be stored on shelves, all ovens are soiled and have buildup inside them, one reach-in fridge was observed being very soiled at the bottom, dishwasher is not in working condition and must be repaired or removed, steamer is not working and must be repaired or removed, two reach-in coolers are not working – they must also be repaired or removed, three compartment sink not working – no water available, restrooms are not in working condition, trash observed on ground in front of dumpster, several tiles missing from ceiling in dishwasher area – must be replaced clean and fitted, current permit not posted – permit needs renewal, most recent inspection not posted.

Whitehaven High – 80
Memphis, TN 38116
Violations include: one sink did not have soap, two hand washing sinks have water issues – one is leaking and another has water pressure issues, dented cans present in dry storage area – any dented cans cannot be stored with regular ones and must be removed or placed with other dented cans, all TCS foods must be organized according to its contents inside the walk-in refrigerator, foods improperly held at room temperature – foods must be maintained cold until ready to use, improper thawing techniques – frozen foods may not sit at room temperature, several items not labeled inside refrigerator and freezer. Sink in bathroom has deep blue stain – sink needs to be thoroughly cleaned or replaced as well as water spraying from top faucet while running, ceiling section needs repairs between walk-in fridge and walk-in freezer.


Note: 11 schools made 100s this week.

Dis-N-Dat (Mobile Unit)
3902 Wisteria Dr. Memphis, TN 38116

Domino’s Pizza #5488
6490 Memphis-Arlington Rd. Memphis, TN 38135

Lubren’s Catering and Event Center Corporation
2751 Bartlett Blvd. Memphis, TN 38134

Subway #2202
6188 Macon Rd. Memphis, TN 38314