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Caption by Hyatt – 88
245 S. Front Street Memphis, TN 38103
Violations include: Several items improperly stored: shrimp was stored below beef on a cart in the walk-in fridge, raw eggs were stored near ready-to-eat foods on cold holding bar, ground turkey stored on top shelf of cart inside walk-in fridge. Chicken wings observed being held at room temperature. Several items observed with improper date marking: all prepared foods must be properly dated for a maximum of 7 day hold. In addition, there were several food items not properly labeled. Fried chicken patty not held above 135 degrees. Several employees observed not wearing hair restraints – all employees must have some kind of hairnet, hat or head covering, oven is not clean.

Jim N’ Nick’s Bar-B-Q – 65
2359 N. Germantown Pkwy. Cordova, TN 38016
Violations include: employee observed drinking from cup without a straw and place it under prep table, employee continued to perform duties on prep table without washing hands or changing gloves, employee observed switching tasks without washing hands and putting on a new pair of gloves, paper products not present next to hand washing sink near drive-thru, cutting boards are stained and grooved – they need to be replaced. Observed coleslaw, lettuce and potato salad out of the proper cold holding temperatures, observed several large unlabeled containers in the kitchen, observed gnats and flies present in kitchen and bathroom area. Male staff needs to wear beard guard while cooking in the kitchen. Employees were observed using same gloves for different tasks. Dishwasher is not functioning properly and needs repair and test strips are not reading sanitizer properly. Observed leaks from 3 compartment sink faucet. Sink near men’s room door does not have cold water. Women’s restroom needs new light bulb, paper towels. Trash observed in dumpster area. Dirty and wet floors throughout the kitchen.

Inspector Note: Due to critical violations present, a follow-up is scheduled in 10 days.


Caption by Hyatt (Bar #1)
245 S. Front Street Memphis, TN 38103

2086 S. Germantown Pkwy. Germantown, TN 38138

Ms. Stella’s Cornbread
6075 Winchester Rd. Memphis, TN 38115