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First Assembly Christian School – 89
Cordova, TN 38018
Violations include: soiled ice machine, soiled ovens, soiled can opener, dirty equipment, all fodo items in refrigerator must have a discard date for TCS foods, foods that do not have original labels must have a written label, permit not posted, most recent inspection not posted, compliance with the TN Non-Smoker Protection Act.

Peggy’s Healthy Home Cooking –72
326 S. Cleveland Memphis, TN 38104
Violations include: management does not demonstrate awareness or have policy present, no paper towels present at handwashing sink, utensils are in the handwashing sink, food products stored in trash bags in a cooler, food not properly stored and protected – raw okra stored on top of raw chicken, deli cutting board needs to be replaced, chicken breast and fried fish below hot holding temp, no date marking on items in refrigerator, fish fillets sitting in standing ice water in a container, thermometers missing inside 3 refrigerators, no labels on containers of sugar and flour, gnats presents in kitchen, single serve items not properly stored, three compartment sink not setup properly – no sanitizing agent used or test strips available, current permit and most recent inspection not posted.

Sleep Inn (Hotel) – 51
2700 S. Perkins Rd. Memphis, TN 38118
Violations include: mold found inside ice machine on first and fourth floor, mildew found inside ice machine on fifth floor, ice bucket not clean in room 415, water leaking from pipe in housekeeping room, side door on west side of property has a gap between the door and the floor, trash and debris on west side of parking lot, spray bottles with chemicals stored near toilet paper and tissue on housekeeping cart, key cards found in sink inside women’s restroom, women’s restroom has no cover on trash can, men’s restroom counter is not clean, ceiling looked damaged underneath overpass of hotel, trash bags filled with trash found near fourth floor ice machine, debris found on third floor – needs vacuuming, cigarette butts and trash found on ground in east stairwell, food debris and other trash found in fifth floor hallway, elevator floor tiles cracked, stains on the all near second floor storage and elevators, wallpaper coming off the walls near room 302, hair found on wall in east stairwell, mold found in ceiling near meeting room, wallpaper damaged near ice sign on third floor, ceiling tiles in the lobby are stained.

Violations in the following rooms:
Room 205: smoke detector does not work, only two hangars present (must be at least 4), cigarette burns on bedpost, food debris stain on sheets.
Room 215 and 234: emergency lights out near all both rooms.
Room 229: emergency light out near room, toilet not flushing, window still dusty, hole found in mattress, fridge needs cleaning.
Room 315: AC unit is not working – looks like it was not assembled properly, strain of hair found in bathroom sink, various stains on the carpet.
Room 415: mold present on bottom part of the shower, black stains found on sheets, stain found on bed skirt, ice buildup inside refrigerator, stain near on carpet near the bed, hole in the wall next to the window.
Room 429: dust buildup and paint found on bedpost, dark soot stains found on sleeper sofa mattress, food debris found on sleeper sofa and underneath it, sleeper sofa cushion damaged and not clean.
Room 515: dead ladybugs found on window sill / air conditioning unit, electrical outlet metal piece present in outlet socket near end table, shower has mold on the bottom corner, no telephone present, not enough lighting in the bathroom, dust found in vent, dead insects found on window sill, used soap and shampoo found, hole found in sheets on bed and strain of hair found on bed, cigarette burns found on sleeper sofa, socks and other clothing found underneath sleeper sofa.


Note: 4 Schools and 6 Tattoo Parlors made 100s this week.

Bite Cha Dog
2591 E Don Krag Cir. Memphis, TN 38106

Bower Building
7510 Memphis-Arlington Rd. Memphis, TN 38135

Malco Theatre – Wolfchase
2760 N. Germantown Pkwy. Memphis, TN 38133

Memphis Nites – Bar
3297 Kirby Pkwy. Memphis, TN 38115

Smokey Baby Eatery (Mobile Unit)
3049 Winchester Rd. Memphis, TN 38118

Taste Budz
171 Harris Cv. Collierville, TN 38017