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Los Cabos (Food Service) – 90
6600 Stage Rd. Suite 106 Memphis, TN 38134
Violations include: does not have the last 3 months (90 days) of shell stock tags (shellfish) – only has July, container of fish on floor inside walk-in cooler, uncovered food inside cooler, scoop stored inside food containers (seasoning), cutting boards need to be replaced (too many grooves), employee restroom does not have soap or paper towels. Brooms, mops and dustpans should be stored hanging, current permit not posted, expired in June.

Zi Jing Chinese – 88
6525 Memphis Arlington Rd. #102 Memphis, TN 38134
Violations include: boxes were sitting on hand washing sink in kitchen (please keep clear), bottle of degreaser was unlabelled, raw pork stored in a grocery bag, uncovered food in prep cooler, buckets of soy sauce stored on the kitchen floor and food stored on floor of walk-in cooler, scoops left inside flour and sugar containers, old metal can used as a scoop was stored inside bigger can full of rice.

Inspector’s note: “Spray bottle in bathroom was water but yet there were bubbles on top. I saw one roach crawling on floor on dining area.”

La Cocina Mexicana – 84
2945 Millbranch Rd. Memphis, TN 38116
Violations include: black buildup inside ice machine, TCS (Time/Temperature Control for Food Safety) foods not maintained at 41 degrees, observed chicken and tilapia thawing improperly, no labels on food containers, flies observed in food prep area, wiping cloth stored on prep cooler, ice buildup inside walk-in freezer.


Aunti M’s
7969 “B” Street Millington, TN 38053

Da Wing GOAT
5173 South Third St. Memphis, TN 38109

La Hidrocalida
3363 Pipers Gap Dr. Memphis, TN 38134

Morries Tavern – Facility
5147 Easley Millington, TN 38053

Something’s Sweet
4869 Phipps Dr. Memphis, TN 38125