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American Wings – 87
2760 N Germantown Pkwy, Suite 266 Memphis, TN 38133
Violations include: no thermometer inside deep freezer, label container of breading mix, roaches need to be exterminated, food must be covered inside reach-in deep freezer and walk-in cooler, all employees must be wearing hair restraints, ice machine scoop needs to be stored with handle pointed up, to-go items need to be stored inverted, to-go boxes stored on the floor, cutting boards have grooves in them and need to be replaced, defrost reach-in deep freezer, employee does not know how to setup 3-compartment sink, no test strips available, install or repair hand sink behind front counter, floors need cleaning, mops and brooms need to be stored hanging, no current permit posted.

Neely’s Interstate BBQ – 85
7209 Winchester Rd Memphis, TN 38125
Violations include: equipment stored in front of hand sink in back kitchen, dish ware are not sanitized due to lack of dishwasher sanitizer. Pork ribs, beef ribs, BBQ spaghetti and rib tips were under 135 F, dates for meats in the walk-in cooler are not properly labelled, hot box not holding at 135 F or above, ceiling tiles are discolored or damaged and needs to be replaced, flooring near walk-in freezer is damaged.

Antojitos – 82
5070 Raleigh LaGrange Rd, Suite 18 Memphis, TN 38134
Violations include: no paper towels at front hand washing sink, raw chicken stored over raw shrimp and beef, raw eggs stored over read-to-eat foods, food cooked the day before was not marked (manager educated on proper date marking), two bottles of unlabelled chemicals (degreaser and soap), food not properly labelled that’s no longer in original packaging, food stored on floor of walk-in cooler, open bag of rice – please store in container with a lid, permit not posted.

Taqueria Mexico City – 82
5055 Cedrick Avenue Memphis, TN 38118
Violations include: operator does not know he needs a sanitizer, how to test sanitizer water, did not know he cannot have leftover food, did not know how to date mark leftover food, no date marking for leftover salsa, no sanitizer on site, salsa containers not labelled, plastic protective film still on cooler, grease residue found on exterior of equipment.

Inspector’s note: follow up needed to demonstrate how to use sanitizer solution, and still needs to be determined if leftovers are being held over.

IHOP – 77
3710 Riverdale Memphis, TN 38115
Violations include: hand sink in dishwashing area did not have paper towels, drink nozzle had residue built up inside, ice machine has mold inside the frame – must be cleaned and sanitized, sausages are under 135F degrees, crickets found in men’s restroom floor, food workers did not have hair restraint, black mold found on cutting board stored in 3-compartment sink, grease build up on molding on prep sink, no running water in bathroom sink near urinal, hand sink nozzle is loose in women’s restroom, water leaking from toilet in women’s restroom, leaking hand sink knob, used tissue in seat cover paper dispenser in men’s restroom, mold found

Applebee’s #77054 – 76
3895 Hacks Cross Rd Memphis, TN 38125
Violations include: no written employee health policy in place, dishes and silverware were not sanitized, cutting board is discolored, unlabelled spray bottle with yellow chemical, gnats found throughout kitchen, dish area, mop sink, boxes of chicken strips found on floor of freezer, clamp found on top counter above prep sink, microwave in kitchen needs cleaning, leak in base of prep sink, moldy ceiling tiles, ceiling tiles collapsing in dining area, light fixture out in women’s restroom.


360 Sports and Cigar Bar LLC (Bar area)
2857 Appling Way Memphis, TN 38133

Club 152 – Upstairs Bar #1
152 Beale St. Memphis, TN 38103

Club 152 – Upstairs Bar #2
152 Beale St. Memphis, TN 38103

Club 152 – Third Floor Bar #2
152 Beale St. Memphis, TN 38103

Speed Vegan
2041 E Brooks Rd Memphis, TN 38116

Taqueria Express #9
9880 Humphrey Rd Cordova, TN 38018

Viva Memphis
1489 Wells Station Rd Memphis, TN 38108