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Wing Guru – 87
7199 Stage Rd Memphis, TN 38133
Violations include: no employee illness policy present, no paper towels in handwashing sink, raw chicken observed stored on top of raw beef, seasoning not properly labeled, and dumpster door left open with trash around dumpster.

Memphis Mojo Cafe – Follow-Up: 86; No change from 86
7124 Highway 64, Suite #101
Violations include: employee observed not changing gloves after handling raw beef, employee then proceeds to pick up mushrooms and put them on the grill and touch hamburger buns with the same gloves. Another employee left the kitchen to bring a customer their food, but did not wash their hands after returning to the kitchen, but did change gloves. Raw beef observed stored on shelf above pickles inside cooler, raw beef stored next to cheese and lettuce inside cooler, sauces were not labelled inside cooler, food stored on floor (cooking oil and pickles), wiping cloth not stored in sanitizer bucket and not used to sanitize prep area, scoop left in dry seasoning, employee washed a cut in the prep sink and not 3-compartment sink.

Inspector’s note: “I have not seen an employee wash their hands at the hand washing sink since [I’ve] been at this establishment. There were only two employees, so one employee had to take orders and fix food while the other employee stayed on the grill.”

Additional note: Violations #8 and #13 have not been corrected.

Tin Roof – Follow-Up: 85; Improved from 76
315 Beale Street Memphis, TN 38104
Violations include: prep cooler does not have adequate temperature control, prep cooler is at 46 degrees, improper thermometer observed inside prep cooler, food containers need labelling, insects observed in employee restroom, wiping cloth improperly stored in handwashing sink, brooms stored improperly, single-use items need to be at least 6 inches off the ground, beer keg cooler needs cleaning – not in good repair. Sliding door to reach in cooler in bar area is not in good repair – interior and exterior of reach in cooler in bar area needs cleaning, exterior of drink fountain needs cleaning, chlorine test strips needed, floor of walk-in fridge needs cleaning, toilet in employee restroom has a leak, no paper towels in men’s restroom, restrooms need cleaning, dumpster door open and trash present around dumpster, ceiling tiles dusty, floor in bar area was very sticky and needs cleaning, floor in front of stove and walk-in refrigerator need cleaning, standing water observed on floor of back door, posted permit was expired, compliance with TN Non-Smoker Protection Act.

Aldo’s Pizza Pies – 84
752 Cooper Memphis, TN 38104
Violations include: Pink slime present inside ice machine, several food items not reaching correct temperatures, prep cooler 1 near over does not have adequate temperature control, squeeze bottles and food containers need labelling, wiping cloth stored improperly, exterior of drink fountain needs cleaning, ventilation hood needs cleaning, compliance with the TN Non-Smoker Protection Act.

Elena’s Taco Shop – 82
6105 Highway 70 Memphis, TN 38134
Violations include: no employee illness policy present (one was provided on site), employee observed not washing hands after returning to the kitchen, pink slime present inside ice machine, unlabelled food in prep cooler and unlabelled sauce bottles, box of styrofoam cups on floor of storage area, employee did not change gloves between tasks – employee wrote on a container label with a sharpie and proceeds to handle food without changing gloves, current permit not posted, most recent inspection not posted.

Isabella’s Pizza – 81
2801 Bartlett Rd Memphis, TN 38134
Violations include: no employee illness policy present, employees touched tomatoes with bare hands, ice dispenser at drink machine has black grime inside it, food not properly labelled – salad dressing, ham, olives, sauces and chicken inside cooler were not properly labelled, knob broken on right cold water faucet in 3-compartment sink and must use pliers to turn them on, two out of three dumpsters were left open.

Colton’s Steak House & Grill – 72
8030 Highway 64 Bartlett, TN 38133
Violations include: employee observed touching ready-to-eat food with bare hands, multiple sinks do not have paper towels available, hand washing sink by walk-in and meat prep did not have soap (all corrected on site). Raw shrimp, fish, and chicken were stored in prep cooler next to each other (employees educated on proper storage), improper date marking – food left overnight did not have date markings. Some food had weekday labels for prep date and some foods had weekday labels for discard date (Inspector told employee to put discarded labels on food), food in prep cooler needs to be labelled if they are not in original container, live roach and fruit flies observed inside kitchen, uncovered food in prep cooler – observed a potato on floor in storage area and styrofoam cups were on the floor inside storage area, plastic cups used as scoops and left inside seasoning, dished need to be stored inverted, microwave is dirty, cutting boards need to be replaced – stained and too many grooves, no chlorine test strips available, plumbing issues in kitchen – water on floor by line, dumpster door left open, floors need to be swept and mopped.

El Idolo Mexican Grille – 72
2740 Bartlett Rd Memphis, TN 38134
Violations include: employee observed drinking in kitchen from cup with no lid or straw, no paper towels at back hand washing sink, ice machine has black grime present, improper hot holding temperatures, improper date marking, improper labelling on food in walk-in cooler and at cold holding table, ants present at front hand washing station. Food stored on floor inside cooler and where pots are located in bar area, bowl used as scoops and stored in containers (advised to purchase scoop with a handle), plates and bowls should be stored inverted, to-go materials must be stored inverted, cutting boards are too worn and need to be replaced, hand washing sink in back has a leak when hot water is turned on, dumpster left open and bag of trash left out next to dumpster.

Inspector’s note: “Metal container of rice was under hot holding table. Food has to be hot hold or cold hold. Rice temperature was 125 and was sitting out for 25 minutes. Also there was soup on the stove just sitting. I was told by [an employee] that you guys warm it up to order. Soup temperature was 80, which by now bacteria has form and soup was discarded.”

Artfield Hotel – Follow-Up: 65; Improved from 57
2490 Mt. Moriah Memphis, TN 38115
Violations include: no running hot water in either lobby restroom, gnat flies present throughout entire hotel – large dead fly on hand soap in women’s restroom, multiple doors propped open with bricks, large trash containers in dark corners full of trash present inside and outside the property, multiple large trash containers present without lids – dumpster door left open. No guest trash cans inside rooms, trash can is overflowing at front entrance, large bags of trash outside in rear of hotel, debris present all around parking lot, men and women’s restrooms are very unsanitary – no tissue or soap present in women’s restrooms, urinals are not flushing properly, and women’s toilet is extremely dirty, outside walls are heavily stained or corroded, broken vending machines cluttering hallways in addition to overflowing trash. The floors and carpet were sticky and dirty throughout the property. Walls are dirty and ceilings are stained inside bathrooms, throughout the lobby area, and the ceiling near Room 335 is in extremely bad repair. Wall paper is peeling in inspected rooms and throughout property.

Rooms 351/353/355 all had bathtubs and toilets that had not been cleaned – rings and dirt present in all bathtubs. Room 355 had an open and used soap bar. A thick layer of dust was present on multiple vents throughout hotels. Rooms 351/353/355 had stained top bedspreads, mattress on sleep sofa heavily stained and dirty, stained pillows and pillowcases, sheets have burn marks, stains and holes. Several doors were broken and not self-latching from the inside due to missing door pieces, causing doors to stay ajar.

Room 353 had stained windows, broken windows noticeable from the outside, dander inside dresser drawers, rusty lamps without light bulb, heavily stained sofa and a name carved into the dresser.


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