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Lowest Scores:

Krystal #MFS011
1377 Union Ave. Memphis, TN 38104

Score: 75
Violations include: 
Employee put on gloves without washing hands and started working; black mold buildup in ice machine; food products not held at proper temperature; no thermometers in counter refrigerator and freezer; flies in the food prep and dining area; employees with no hair restraints in food prep area; floors need cleaning; ceiling and vents have dust buildup. See report.

Texas De Brazil
150 Peabody Place., STE 103 Memphis, TN 38103

Score: 79
Violations include: 
Ice machine not clean; foods held at improper temperature; food products not labeled; employees in meat section don’t wear hats or hairnets; cutting boards stained and grooved; coolers and freezers not clean; sanitizer level too low on dishwasher; ceiling vent is very dusty; ceiling tiles are stained throughout kitchen; floor isn’t clean. See report.

Thai Bistro
7140 Stage Road Memphis, TN 38133
Score: 80
Violations include: 
Ventilation hood filters have grease buildup; dempster doors sliding open; food splatter inside microwave; ice buildup in walk-in freezer; unlabeled food items; food items left uncovered. See report.

Jade’s Sports Bar & Grills, LLC
175 Peabody Place Memphis, TN 38103
Score: 81
Violations include: 
Cooler exceeds proper temperature; foods are not labeled; sanitizer not detected at dishwasher; coolers and freezers are not clean; seal around deep freezer is not clear; table underneath grill and deep fryer are very soiled; missing ceiling tiles; walls and floors are not clean. See report.

LaFayette’s Music Club (Food Service)
2119 Madison Ave Memphis, TN 38104
Score: 82
Violations include: 
Cutting boards deeply stained and grooved; ice machines are not clean; foods labeled with wrong discard dates; food containers labeled incorrectly; ice buildup in walk-in freezer; walls and ceilings are not clean. See report.

Checker’s #3316, 3935 Park Ave. Memphis, TN 38111
Clydes Wings, 2571 Whitney Ave Memphis, TN 38127
Yep It’s A Burger, 3521 Airways Blvd Memphis, TN 38116
El Burrito Tex-Mex Mexican Food, 1247 Broadmoor St Memphis, TN 38111
Margaritas (Bar), 97 S. Second St Memphis, TN 38103