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Lowest Scores:

Noodles Asian Bistro
7850 Poplar, suite 12, Memphis
Score: 75
Violations include:
Proper hand washing is not being practiced, hand washing sink in cook area is not clean, nozzles on drink machine are not clean, prep table was not thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after prepping raw meats, cold holding temperatures are above 41 degrees, date marking system is not in place, foods are not labeled, foods are not covered, cutting boards are stained and deeply grooved, bins are not clean, exterior of equipment is not clean, top of deep fryers is not clean, table underneath all rice cookers are not clean, front seal and paneling of reach-in cooler in the corner is not clean, cart the food products are on is not clean, ceiling in cook area is very stained and dirty. The wall behind the fryers is not clean, vent hood is not clean, floor underneath equipment is very dirty and greasy, ceiling in the back of the house is very dusty. See report.

King & Union
185 Union Avenue, Memphis
Score: 75
Violations include:
Employee is observed not washing hands, hot water not available at hand washing sinks, cold holding temperatures were above 41 degrees, date marking system is incorrect, several foods uncovered in coolers and freezers, reach-in coolers and freezers are not clean, waffle stations are not clean. See report

Pho 64
6773 Stage Road Bartlett
Score: 77
Violations include: Employee touched limes with bare hands, fountain drink nozzles have buildup, small amount of pink slime in ice machine, employee not wearing a hair restraint while handling food, unlabeled spray bottle with blue substance, unlabeled food, open bag of flour and panko, uncovered container of crumbs, soup, broccoli, zucchini, green onion, mushrooms, grease buildup on pipes behind freezer and on side of fryers, walls and ceilings are stained, 4 spring rolls observed sitting on counter wrapped in plastic for 30 minutes. See report.

Another Broken Egg
65 S Highland Memphis, TN 38111
Score: 80 (followup to last week’s inspection, when the restaurant also scored an 80)
Violations include: 
Several violations from previous report corrected; however, inspector says priority violations not corrected. Several food items held at improper temperature had to be thrown out. Ice machine has buildup of pink slime and black mold. See report

Let It Fly
9091 Poplar, Suite 101, Germantown
Score: 82
Violations include: Ice machine has black mold on the inside, gnats in the womens restroom, cutting boards need to be replaced, pizza oven needs cleaning, ceiling vents in the food prep area have dust buildup, See report.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers
6780 Stage Road, Memphis
Score: 85
Violations include: Ice dispenser at fountain drink machine has black buildup, chemical spray bottle is not labeled, sanitizer filled bucket stored next to ketchup, manager handling food without wearing a hair restraint, grease on floor near and under fryer. See report

7850 Poplar suite #12 Memphis
Score: 86
Violations include: Meat is thawing at room temperature, food products on the floor in walk-in cooler, bottom of the reach-in freezer in the back and reach-in cooler in the front are not clean, date marking system incorrect. See report.

Bartlett Donuts
2731 Bartlett Blvd Memphis
Score: 87
Violations include: Raw bacon is stored over cooked bacon, open package of jalapeño & cheddar sausage in cooler, 4 open big bags of donut mix,yeast,powered sugar and donut base, ceiling tiles are stained. See report

7850 Poplar, Germantown
Score: 88
Violations include: Hand washing sinks are in need of repair, several cold foods were above 41 degrees, foods are not labeled by contents, ovens are not clean, kettle is not clean, top of the oven is not clean. See report.

Ty’s Smoke House
7174 Hwy 64, Suite #101 Bartlett
Score: 88
Violations include: Cooked chicken date marked 10/3 was still in walk in cooler on 10/11,  improper cooling method for beans, many fruit flies in dry storage area because of two bananas going bad, couple pieces of bologna was laying directly on the lid of a container, walls are stained, floors have grease build up near cooking equipment. See report.


Zam Zam’s Grill, 7706 Winchester Rd. Suite 108, Memphis
FedExForum, Main Kitchen, 191 Beale St.
Griz Grub Asian/Taco, 191 Beale St.
FedExForum LIT Lounge bar, 191 Beale St.
Wing Guru, 191 Beale St.
Rendezvous, 191 Beale St.
Various other vendor stalls and commissary kitchens at FedExForum