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Lowest Scores:

1260 N. Germantown Pkwy Cordova, TN 38016
Score: 73
Violations include:
 Employees did not wash hands when changing stations; employees touching food with bare hands; dishwasher sanitizer low; cutting boards need replacing; expired items in walk-in cooler; employees not wearing any hair nets while preparing food; utensils stored improperly; dirty microwave; side of grills need cleaning; floors and dishwashing area need cleaning; stained ceiling tiles. See report.

3255 Austin Peay Memphis, TN 38128
Score: 80
Violations include:
 Employees eating while in the kitchen; employee touching food with bare hands; ice dispenser has black build-up; uncovered container of raw chicken in walk-in cooler; trash can in men’s restroom full; dirty floors and walls; no light shield covering light bulbs under ventilation hood. See report.

Darrick’s Kitchen
4018 Lamar Ave Memphis, TN 38118
Score: 81
Violations include:
 Person in charge did not demonstrate knowledge; walk-in cooler not working properly; no thermometer in freezer; food containers missing labels; wiping cloths improperly stored on prep table; inside of freezer need to be cleaned; grease build-up on fryers; no date marking on cooked food in refrigerator. See report.


Popeye’s Chicken #9111, 3660 Austin Peay Hwy. Memphis, TN 38128
Cold – Hot Turkey, 6000 Poplar Ave Ste 250 Memphis, TN 38119
Poke Paradise, 5310 Crestview Rd Memphis, TN 38134