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Lowest Scores:

El Molino Mexican Restaurant
6496 Summer Ave., Bartlett
Score: 70
Violations include: Employee did not wash hands when entering kitchen; employee touched beef and tortillas on the grill without washing hands; food debris in ware washing hand sink; raw chicken, beef, eggs and fish stored improperly; cooked chicken and ground beef not date marked; chemicals not labeled in ware washing area; no food thermometer; unlabeled food in cooler; back door open and flies present in kitchen; gloves not changed after touching raw meat; damaged floor tiles and food debris on kitchen floor.   See report.

Holiday Hams
2087 Union Ave., Memphis
Score: 79
Violations include:
Employee not washing hands; cutting boards deeply stained and grooved; cold foods kept over 41 degrees; improper date marking and food labeling; employees not wearing hats or hair nets; reach-in coolers and microwave not clean; bottom of food prep tables not clean; floors, walls and ceilings not clean; permit expired in 2021. See report

Playita Mexicana
6194 Macon Rd. Memphis
Score: 81
Violations include:
Raw fish, beef, chicken stored improperly; ice machine has pink slime; prep cooler not maintaining temperature; unlableled food in coolers; open bags of bread crumbs and sugar; uncovered sugar and seasoning; boxes of tortillas, bags of beans and flour stored on floor; employees not wearing hair restraints. See report

Memphis Pizza Cafe
2087 Madison Ave. Memphis
Score: 86
Violations include:
Cutting boards deeply stained and grooved; cold foods above 41 degrees; uncovered bowls of salad in refrigerator; ice buildup and mold in deep freezer; dough stored in garbage bags inside garbage containers; dirty floors, walls, ceilings. See report

Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill
Score: 86
Violations include:
Raw chicken stored over beef and oranges; cooler too warm; unlabeled food in cooler; cutting boards have grooves; food debris on floor; permit and inspection not posted. See report

Checkers #6222 (follow-up inspection)
3605 Elvis Presley Blvd. Memphis
Score: 88
Violations include: Improper burger holding temperature; improper cold temperature on lettuce, tomatoes, onions; walk-in cooler has ice buildup; ceiling has dust buildup. See report


3340 Formosa Rd Memphis

Memphis Clover Club upstairs bar
24 N BB KING Memphis

Neveria Manhatten
3766 Ridgeway Rd. Memphis,