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Lowest Scores:

Redhook Cajun Seafood
6105 Stage Road, Bartlett
Score: 65
Violations include: Employee seen eating lunch in the kitchen; employee did not wash hands; employee sprinkled cheese with bare hand; raw calamari and raw chicken stored over boxes of margarine, raw salmon stored over cooked jambalaya, raw lamb chops was stores over fresh greens; wiping cloths stored on counters snd cutting boards; microwave plate is dirty. See report

The Taste of Breakfast & Burgers
1393 N. Hollywood, Memphis
Score: 74
Violations include:
Serving tray stored on top of raw bacon; lasagna and meatloaf not date-marked; inoperable prep cooler; “raw hen” improperly thawing in pot set on chair; dirty wiping cloth stored on prep table; rusty bottom shelf of prep table; dirty sink, dirty coolers and freezers, dirty exterior of kitchen equipment, dirty microwave, dirty floor, walls, ceiling, “very dirty” mop sink and closet. See report

Tamp & Tap
122 Gayoso Ave. Memphis
Score: 75
Violations include: Cell phone on counter near food; employee is not wearing a hat or hairnet; floor around the shelves are not clean. See report

94 S. Main St., Memphis
Score: 81
Violations include: Cutting board stained and grooved; ice machine not clean; microwaves are not clean; exterior of freezer not clean; floors, walls, and ceilings are stained. See report

Zi Jing Chinese
6525 Memphis Arlington #102, Memphis
Score: 83
Violations include:
Watered-down soap, watered-down sanitizer; raw chicken on a stick stored on shelf over batter mix and cooked chicken; frozen eggrolls and wonton are stored in deep freezer uncovered; grease build up on side of fryers. Comment from inspector: “Educated all staff on cooling method. There is a language barrier and im concern that employees still do not understand my explanation.”  See report

The Nine Thai and Sushi (followup inspection)
121 Union Ave., Memphis
Score: 83
Violations include: Roaches are present in kitchen; foods are uncovered in freezers; cutting boards stained; can opener and microwave dirty; cooler needs to be replaced or repaired; freezer does not close completely. See report

Stix Restaurant
150 Peabody Place, Suite 115, Memphis
Score: 83
Violations include:
Ice machine is not clean; foods on the sushi station are above 41 degrees; refrigerator, microwave not clean. See report

Flying Fish
105 S. Second St. Memphis
Score: 83
Violations include:
Shrimp thawing in sink in still water; foods uncovered in reach-in cooler; prep table needs to be replaced; microwave not clean; air conditioner not working. See report

100 S. Main, Memphis
Score: 85
Violations include:
Cutting boards stained; food not stored cold enough; date-marking and labeling inadequate; coolers not clean. See report

Bartlett Donut Man
6525 Memphis Arlington, Suite 101
Score: 87
Violations include: Does not have written procedure for pigs in a blanket, bacon and cheese croissants and burritos. See report


KCJ’s Playhouse, 688 Avon Road, Memphis
Baskin Robbins, 85 S. Highland, Memphis
Frost Bake Shop, 9845 Lake District Drive, Suite 113, Arlington
Enrike’s, 1619 Russwood Rd., Memphis
Memphis Smokehouse, 3771 Isherwood Cove, Memphis
Kingdom Hearts, 3515 Boxdale, Memphis
Jersey Mike’s, 7801 Winchester Rd, Memphis
East End Skating Center, 5718 Mt Moriah, Memphis
J. Alexanders Restaurant/Redlands Grill Bar, 2670 N. Germantown Pkwy., Memphis
Kona Ice of Memphis (mobile), 2766 Covington Pike, Memphis
Big Hands Bake Shop, 5865 Ridgeway Center Pkwy, Memphis
Mister Softee Memphis (mobile), 5533 Millers Glen Cove, Memphis