Previous Restaurant Report Cards

Each week WREG is rounding up the highest and lowest scores from Shelby County restaurant inspections. Find more scores from Shelby County and other Tennessee counties here.

Low Scores:

Gully’s Grill – 73
6354 Uncle Remus Rd #4 Memphis, TN 38115

Violations include: Operator/owner failed to demonstrate knowledge, had the wrong chlorine test strips (had pool test strips), did know know the proper temp for beef and hot food holding, using cold water to wash hands, no paper towels available at hand sink, no employee illness policy posted, chemical bleach stored with no lid for closure to prevent spilling, to go items not stored inverted, rusty shelving on lower half of table, improper test strips for sanitizing washware and equipment, grease residue on equipment exteriors, shelving and housing, no hot water available at hand sink, hot water handle does not work on hand sink, grease residue on the floor, lighting not covered near stove and grill, last inspection not posted.

Inspector’s Note: “I am not able to fully discuss the inspection report due to operator not being happy with the score. The score of 73 will be upgraded to 90 during the follow-up inspection provided all priority violations are corrected.”

Baskin Robbins – 80
4758 Navy Rd. Millington, TN 38053

Violations include: Ice machine had black mold growing inside it, sanitized water sinks did not have enough chlorine in them, thermometer inside cooler showed 0°F but the real temperature was 36°, found containers found unlabelled, food stored in freezer without being covered, staff was not wearing hair restraint, clean spoons stored in dirty container, rusty can opener exterior surface, food equipment is dirty with residue and food deposits, restrooms were dirty and damaged, damaged and dirty walls and ceiling.


Rizzo’s Bar
492 Main St Memphis, TN 38103

The Stephen Olford Center

The Village at Germantown – Cafe
7828 Walking Horse Cir Germantown, TN 38183

Barbeque Off Da Chainz
3006 Atmore St Memphis, TN 38118

Pablo’s Cuisine and Grille
2199 Oldfield Dr Memphis, TN 38134

Frank Grisanti Bar
1022 Shady Grove Rd Memphis, TN 38115

Memphis Hunt and Polo Club, Bars #1 & #2
650 Shady Grove Memphis, TN 38120

Katie’s Kitchen
9056 Poplar Pike Suite 109 Germantown, TN 38138

Terrace at the River Inn (Bar)
50 Harbor Town Sq Memphis, TN 38103

Los Cabos of Germantown
2037 Exeter Suite #2 Germantown, TN 38138

A&J Catfish Station
5950 Knight Arnold Ext Memphis, TN 38115