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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Caught on camera! WREG obtained surveillance video of a wanted suspect breaking into an East Memphis restaurant. Employees at El Toro Loco on Poplar Avenue are hoping someone can provide police with a clue to catch this guy.

According to police, the man has struck not once but twice in two days. According to a manager, he’s costing the restaurant more in damages than he’s stealing.

Spilling the salt is supposed to be a bad omen, but clearly, according to surveillance video, the suspect doesn’t seem to mind.

In the video you can see him throw salt shakers at a glass door to get inside El Toro Loco late Friday night.

Once inside he hopes his luck will change and he’ll strike it rich, but the manager said all he got away with was some change and small bills.

Believe it or not, the criminal in a blue shirt and red beanie decided to try again. This time late Sunday night, just as Cristina Perez, the general manager, pulled into her driveway from work.

“Tenminutes later and the alarm system call me again,” she said.

This time he broke through a window, again only getting away with change. Perez said it’s cost her restaurant at least $1,800 to fix the damages, and she has no idea why her business was targeted — twice!

“This is very frustrating. I work 12 to 13 hours a day,” she lamented.

In January a man was shot in the leg in the parking lot in an attempted robbery. Thankfully he was fine and has even been back to the restaurant.

Perez and her employees thought their troubles were behind them but they’re being proactive, leaving work at night in groups.

They hope you can help them too.

“I don’t want no other businesses or him hurting someone,” she said.

If you have information call CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH.