Horn Lake Voter Registration Controversy

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(Horn Lake, MS) Voter registration volunteers in Horn Lake, MS say city rules are strangling the city's voting process.

"I couldn`t believe she was a human being, secondly how could you be a city official in the City of Horn Lake?" said  Francis Miller.

He told News Channel 3 all he wanted to do this weekend was register people to vote, but the city planner told him he needed to leave the Cut N Shine car wash where he was doing it.

That's because, according to the City of Horn Lake, it's not safe.

The business doesn't have a permit to allow anyone inside, except for its employees.

Mayor Nat Baker said, it was never the city's intention to stop people from their constitutional rights, " I would be the first person to  defend someone to register to vote, I don`t care if you're republican or democrat."

But Miller and Kelly Jacobs say they are also having problems telling people 'You can register to vote here.'

"With the price of gasoline, driving miles to go vote can be a deterrent to voter registration," expressed Jacobs.

Jacobs said the two have a sign posted out front.

But the city says yard sign a "bandit sign".

"It takes away the trashy look of all these signs jumbled up together," said Mayor Baker.

The city only allows people to post bandit signs if they follow certain rules and pay the city a fee. 

Jacobs said she was told it would cost a dollar a day to to a bandit sign in-front of the car wash.

She feels, that's a Jim Crow law, " There should be no monetary requirements to voter registration because that means I don`t have a voter registration sign. People should not be punished because I don`t have 40 dollars to pay for forty days."  

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