Residents struggle to stay warm in Whitehaven apartment complex


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some people living at a Whitehaven apartment complex say they’ve been left in the cold.

This comes as we deal with record low temperatures in the Mid-South. Now, the City of Memphis Code Enforcement says they are aware of the problem at the Summit Park Apartments.

A sign that is outside the Summit Park Apartments tells people to take precautions in freezing temperatures. But some say the complex isn’t living up to their side of the bargain. 

Several people we talked to said they’ve been without heat for the last 24 hours and at one point on Tuesday, it was less than 5 degrees. 

“Some people have to leave and go to other people’s houses and the roads still messed up,” Stanley Logan, of Whitehaven, said.

Most people living in the apartment complex didn’t feel comfortable showing their face on camera. One person said they’ve been using their oven to keep their apartment warm.

Logan says it is very hard for a lot of people during this historic winter storm.

“Some people can’t even afford the little $30 heater at the corner store and those are hazardous so I mean, what can you do?” Logan said.

One one told us that she is taking care of five children, and they are wearing extra clothes to stay warm.

WREG-TV reached out to the apartment complex and no one answered. But the regional apartment manager reached out to us around 5 p.m. and said they recieved a total of six calls about the issue and was able to fix two of them.

There are still four more calls that they will take care of first thing Wednesday morning. The manager said they’ve been in constant communication with those who have been impacted and reached out to several businesses to get the issues corrected but won’t be able to do so until the morning.

Thankfully, the heat is not out for everyone at the complex. But the city of Memphis says code enforcement is aware of the issue and they’re in communications with the property manager.

They also said a maintenance team is on site

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