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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Residents at one Mid-South apartment complex tell us they’ve lived in fear for years, and they’re demanding to know when change will actually take place.

Residents who spoke with WREG-TV describe the Peppertree Apartments as a run down complex that turns into a warzone at night.

“I’m really at night afraid to walk around in my apartment, or even outside my apartment. When you lay down, you hear nothing but shooting,” an anonymous resident said.

Recently, one resident went to clean up after a loud and scary evening and says she found nearly 20 shell casings of various sizes right outside her front door. She says police are there often, and MPD confirms they’ve been called to the Peppertree Apartments 69 times so far this year.

But residents claim apartment management turns a blind eye to the issues in order to collect rent checks.

“It’s like they’re scared! If you say something, you may get evicted,” one resident said.

We reached out to Peppertree Apartments and left multiple messages for management, but never heard back.

Residents say the saddest part is watching children grow up in a place where they don’t feel safe.
They worry some adults living there don’t want to escape the conditions but hope someone will step in for the complex’s youngest residents.

“Help the children! It’s not even about our grown people, it’s about the children. I am tired! All I’m crying out for is help for these children,” a resident said.