Residents of Midtown apartment building fed up with constant issues

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As the temperature outside rises, some residents of the Rosecrest apartments in Midtown said it feels like the sun is up inside of their apartment units because their AC units aren’t working properly.

Residents at the building are frustrated but afraid to talk. Right now, they have to rely on one elevator to get to the higher levels of this 10-floor building.

Taking the steps could mean a trek, but the resident we talked with knew living on a lower level would be best.

“I knew this was going to happen,” the resident said. “I had a feeling. I had a choice of the eighth or the second floor, and as soon as I found out about the elevators, I took the second.”

She didn’t want to show her face out of fear of retaliation from the complex for speaking up.

“It’s a crap shoot every day,” she said.

She said the elevators aren’t reliable. As of lately, there’s no hot water, and it’s really hot in the units.

The resident gave us examples of what her neighbors are dealing with. She talked about a woman who was left with a mess that wasn’t her fault.

“Her ceiling collapsed on her furniture, twice, destroyed her bed,” she said.

WREG tried to get inside the building to get answers from the leasing office. No one ever answered to let us in the building, and even our efforts to peek through the window to get the complex’s attention went unanswered.

“I guess they are doing what they can with very little help, and this place needs a complete do-over from top to bottom,” the resident said.

She said the issues have been constant the entire time she has been living there.

Other residents who reached out to us said their biggest concern is the ongoing issue with working elevators. They said some days, there is no working elevator, which could become a fire hazard.

WREG reached out to Lennox companies, who manages the property, and we are waiting to hear back.

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