Residents concerned about possible flooding ahead of heavy rain

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Four to six inches of rain is expected to fall over Memphis from Wednesday to Friday. It's a scenario that could cause flooding, especially in at-risk areas.

One of those areas is a Frayser neighborhood near the intersection of James Road and Mountain Terrace Street. Residents there are concerned, especially those who live on the lower side. It's a hilly area where homes below get hit worse than homes above.

Albert Guy basically lives in a bowl. Heavy rain fills it up fast.

"It's kind of tough," Guy says, "It'll fill up and it'll be like a river out here in the yard, even out into the street."

The bottom part of his home has flooded multiple times, not to mention other nuisances.

"It makes it hard to drive in here. I get stuck quite often," he says.

His house is surrounded by hills on three sides with a drainage ditch next to his backyard. He says rain water from a neighborhood above him funnels into the ditch and ends up on his property when the ditch overflows.

"It's very annoying," he says.

He worries it'll happen again this week.

"Sounds pretty bad if it's four to six inches because, if you look at all that debris up there above my yard in the ditch, it's set to flood out pretty bad," he says.

In anticipation of the rain, city crews are inspecting and clearing storm drains in at risk areas. Crews will also be on standby for flooding-related emergencies.

Clemmie Clark says that's important but isn't sure it'll save his property. Part of his yard is already saturated from recent rain.

"We got to take it as it comes when it's going to rain," Clark says.

That's how Guy feels too.

"Ain't anything I can do. Just watch and wait and pray it don't get too bad," Guy says.

If your street starts to flood once the rain hits, the city asks you call 901-357-0100.

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