Residents brace for more outages as severe weather heads toward Mid-South

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — MLGW and first responders are bracing for the possibility of severe weather as it heads toward the Mid-South. The storm comes just days after another round of severe weather caused damage in the Memphis area, leaving thousands in the dark.

Eric Watkins and his 9-year-old son, Eric Watkins Jr., know how bad it can be when the winds start howling. Blue tarp covers the damage to their home from over the weekend.

“When the wind started blowing I went into a panic and ran to the kitchen to see if he was okay,” Watkins Jr. said. No one was injured, but they went without power for two days. “About nine poles snapped. Luckily they fell into the street and not into the yards,” the father said.

The big threat for Wednesday night is the wind. Experts say winds could be between 40 to 50 mph with some gusts more than 50.

Gale Jones Carson with MLGW says the utility company is doing what it can. “Should we get those winds, believe me, then we’re going to have some outages. It may knock over trees, may damage some of our equipment. Right now we are just in a wait and see mode. We have everybody on standby, including out system operations team, our trouble shooters and other crews.”

MLGW also has the Customer Call Center and social media team to keep people informed.

As for the Watkins family, they’re doing what they can too. They’re prepped with flashlights and other supplies. Watkins Jr. says if the lights go out he will try to make the most of it. “We have cellular data on our phones, so we can still play on our phones and things.”

MLGW says if your lights go out call and let them know. They also want you to be prepared, patient and to check on elderly friends and neighbors.

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