Rescuers weep with joy as two girls pulled from rubble days after Turkey earthquake


IZMIR, Turkey — As onlookers applauded in joy and wept with relief, rescue teams in Turkey brought two girls out alive from the wreck of collapsed apartment buildings in the coastal city of Izmir.

Their separate rescues Monday came three days after a strong earthquake centered in the Aegean Sea hit Turkey and Greece and caused buildings to collapse.

The overall death toll in Friday’s quake reached 87 after teams discovered more bodies in Izmir, Turkey’s third-largest city. About 1,000 people were also injured.

Rescue worker Muammer Celik told NTV television that he thought 3-year-old Elif Perinchek was dead when he first reached her inside the wreckage. He says ‘when I cleaned the dust from her face, she opened her eyes. I was astonished.”

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