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OXFORD, Miss. — A former Mississippi police officer is expected to plead guilty after a deadly shooting.  

Attorney Tony Farese confirmed his client Matthew Kinne will take a plea deal in connection to the death of Dominique Clayton, 32, who was shot to death at her home back in 2019.  Police arrested Kinne days later and charged him with capital murder.  

“He’s remorseful,” said Tony Farese, Kinne’s attorney. “This was a situation where he literally got to the point where he broke.”

Farese said Kinne and Clayton were in a romantic relationship, having an affair. He says she threatened to tell his wife. 

“This has been a law abiding citizen, a law enforcement officer, he had no prior history and he literally got pushed to the brink of breaking and he committed a crime of passion,” said Farese.

Family members said the two were romantically involved and that she was trying to end it when she was killed. 

Kinne’s sentencing hearing is expected Friday at the Union County Courthouse in New Albany.