USPS to End Saturday Mail Delivery This Summer

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(Memphis) You can save a trip to the mailbox one day a week, starting in August.

The United States Postal Service says it will cut mail drop off on Saturdays to help save money.

Going from six days of service down to five is not a big deal for most of the people who rely on the mail, but the postal worker workers will be the one’s that suffer as some of their jobs get cut.

There aren’t too many people who still use the United States Postal Service Like Don Leppert, “I still send cards, a little old fashion, but yea, I still send cards.”

Many are turning to the internet to pay bills and keep in contact with far off friends and family members.

“I very seldom use the online postage anymore, because I do my business online,” Vickie Luckett.

As a result, the USPS says revenues have plummeted and now must cut Saturday mail delivery to homes and businesses.

The postal service was $16 billion in the hole last year.

Eliminating Saturdays will save $2 billion.

“You get it five days a week,” said Leppert. “It’ll be nice not to get the bills on Saturday.”

The USPS funds its own operation through selling stamps and services, but it had to take a loan from the federal government to stay afloat.

The USPS is now trying to find ways to cut costs like closing over 450 mail processing plants.

Most job cuts are expected through attrition.

“That’s the hard part because the way the economy is right now, I hate to see anybody lose a job so you better be thankful you have one,” said Sherri Pickle.

Right now the USPS is required to put away $5 billion dollars a year for future retirement costs.

It hopes to get some relief from the 2006 law through the help of Congress.

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