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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Robberies and assaults decreased on Tennessee college campuses last year, but DUI offenses rose sharply, a new report by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation found.

“I don’t drink I don’t party I just stay away from all the foolishness
Jamel Spears,” said student Jamel Spears.

For some—the answer is simple—just don’t drink. For others—they’d rather plan ahead and be smart if they plan on partying
with alcohol involved.

“We just need to think twice and we need to find a plan before we go out,” added Britney Giles.

Students here at University of Memphis are thinking twice about the problems booze can bring after the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
released a report pointing up a 60% increase in DUI offense on college campuses in the state.

“Trying to graduate, trying to find a career—the last thing you need is DUIs on your record,” added Spears.

Fresh into their first taste of the real world—these students say it’s not worth the risk.

“I see a lot of people younger than me who go to parties and they say oh
yeah I am going to drink and I’m going to drive home and that’s just not good just
don’t do it,” added Spears.

And as if the common sense part of it isn’t enough the University of Memphis
has also stepped in to help keep DUI offense down on campus.

“I know the parties that I go to they stamp your hand if you’re drinking
and they have lock boxes for the key-they have designated drivers or they will
call Uber for you,” said Angelica Mabone.

Forcing students to do the right thing regardless, making
the outcome plain and simple—so that everyone arrives alive.

“You can’t drive if you’ve been drinking,” added Mabone.

It’s a gesture that could not only decrease the number of DUI arrests
but it could also save lives.

Many students mentioned rideshare services—like Lyft, Uber—or even taking
a taxi.

TBI released its annual Crime on Campus report Thursday. Among its findings:

  • Overall, crime reported by Tennessee’s colleges and universities decreased by 2.8% from 2016 to 2017.
  • In total, 26.8% of all 2017 offenses reported were categorized as Larceny/Theft.
  • Robbery offenses decreased significantly, by 55.2%, from 29 in 2016 to 13 in 2017.
  • Assault Offenses decreased by 13.7% year-to-year.
  • The overall category of “Sex Offenses-Forcible” decreased by 26% in 2017. There was a 27% decrease in reported Rape offenses, from 63 in 2016 to 46 in 2017.
  • Reported DUI offenses increased by 60.9% year-to-year.

University of Memphis reported 53 cases of assault in 2017 and 13 robberies, but no murder, kidnapping or drug offenses.

See the complete report here.