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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– As you finalize your Halloween plans, police officers in the Mid-South want to make sure you don’t get tricked by thieves.

A recent report in USA Today cites data from Traveler’s Insurance that crime-related insurance claims spike by 24% on Halloween.

“It’s one of my favorite holidays.”

When you look at Erika Owens’ porch filled with cobwebs, fake skeletons and cornstalks that’s pretty apparent. Owens said while she’s passing out candy to eager boys and girls, she plans to make her presence on the street apparent too.

“We always try to watch out for our neighbors. See what’s going on and where they’re at in the neighborhood.”

Something police recommend. Living in her home for 16 years she’s never had a problem.

“Not even a decoration stolen.”

Some reports show not everyone is so lucky. According to Traveler’s Insurance, crime related claims increase by 24% on Halloween.

Captain Richard Chandler with Southaven PD suggests making sure you have some kind of lights around your home, like motion censored lights.

“Or lights that are on a timer if you’re going to be gone and not home at a specific time,” explained Chandler.

Even if you aren’t passing out candy, Chandler says you should leave some kind of light on. A dark house might deter trick or treaters but not thieves.

“Leave some exterior flood lights on and that will help keep your property in your area lit up well which would discourage thieves.”

Try to keep your plans for where and when you will be gone off social media and don’t be too trusting of those who ring your doorbell.

“Some people will sit outside and pass out candy which is a good idea. People don’t get to see the interior of your home and if you are going to do it from the home then we recommend probably covering up or moving things just for the short time so people don’t see anything of great value you have in your home,” explained Chandler.

Chandler also said they sometimes get reckless driving calls on Halloween so he suggests parents make sure their children can be seen somehow. He said glow sticks are great and inexpensive as well as reflective tape.