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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee lawmakers are considering more restrictions to keep repeat drunk drivers off the roads.

A bill calls for denying the sale of alcohol to anyone convicted of a third DUI offense in Tennessee.

The words “No Alcohol Sales” would be stamped on their ID.

“It’s a lot easier and I think it’s a good idea,” Bkhruz Ozodrev said.

Ozodrev works at Second Street Shoppers in downtown Memphis. His store sells beer and he thinks the law proposed to deny the sale of alcohol to anyone convicted of a third DUI offense would not only make his job easier, but would also make our streets safer.

“Everybody drives. I might be somewhere out on the road and they come and hit me,” he said.

Freshman Republican representative John Holsclaw from Johnson City is sponsoring the bill. He says research backs the need for it.

“We did some research in 2014 and there was over a thousand individuals on Tennessee roads who were convicted of a third or fourth DUI,” he said Thursday.

Holsclaw said this bill is a proactive approach to keeping people in Tennessee safe.

“It prohibits them from buying it, it’s not perfect it’s not going to keep them from drinking but hopefully it will keep them off the roads,” he said.

According to Holsclaw, this would be the first law of it’s kind in the U.S., and he hopes it’s a model for other states to promote safety.

“Currently what we’ve done is not working, so with this extra step so maybe if they get alcohol somebody else will drive and get it so they won’t be on the road driving,” he said.

The bill still needs legislative approval.