MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A state representative is looking to get legislation passed making it easier to recall elected officials in light of ongoing issues at the Shelby County Clerk’s office.

With the Shelby County clerk’s office closed for the second time in two months, emotions are spilling over for many across the community. 

Seville Hollis is one of many Shelby County residents impacted by backlog issues at the clerk’s office.

“I’m kind of irritated about it cause I took off work to this,” Hollis said. “It’s delaying my process of opening my business, because I’m here this week to do this and they didn’t be precise about what they meant.”

Since the rollout of new state license plates, the clerk’s office has been dealing with a backlog. Clerk Wanda Halbert claims they are now caught up.

Despite the admission, state representative Mark White is calling for her to be recalled.

In a statement to WREG, White said, “Citizens of all communities deserve the best from their elected officials. The issues that have plagued the Shelby County clerk’s office are simply unacceptable. Government works for the people, and this situation represents an egregious dereliction of duties by a public servant.”

White says he now intends to file legislation which would decrease the number of signatures needed to remove a person from office.

“Why in the world would any of kind of legislation be recommended to remove a county clerk who obviously is a whistleblower?” Halbert said.

Thursday, Halbert admitted the challenges her office has faced and reaffirmed her commitment to resolving the issues by increasing staffing and opening additional facilities.

“We cannot be afraid to do our jobs, we cannot be afraid to ask the hard questions. Something is wrong here,” Halbert said.

The clerk could not provide any updates about the progress made this week but did say she doesn’t plan on closing the office again.