Renewed Hope in Holly Bobo Search as Ohio Women are Found

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(Memphis) The family of missing nursing student Holly Bobo said they have renewed hope and faith in their search, after seeing how three missing women in Ohio were rescued from their captor's home.

Karen Bobo, Holly's mother, said, "We as Holly’s family, friends and community; we have a renewed faith, a renewed hope with the community efforts. We expect to find Holly, and I ask that everyone take a close look at your neighbors."

The Ohio man who rescued Amanda Berry from his neighbor's house told local news that he thought his neighbor lived alone.

The house turned out to be very close to where the women first disappeared.

In learning of this news, Karen Bobo said, "I was amazed, as I’m sure most everyone else was; and also in awe that the girls had been there that long and either no neighbors knew it or no neighbors reported it."

Investigators searching for Holly Bobo have said they believe the suspect could be from the West Tennessee area, given how he was able to navigate the woods in the region.

The family said they are continuing to pray and to keep their hope and faith up.

"We have never stopped looking for Holly, and we will continue," Karen Bobo said.

They received support last year from Elizabeth Smart, who survived her abduction in 2003.

In an interview with News Channel 3 last October, Smart said, "It doesn’t take a superhero to save somebody. It was two everyday, average kinds of people that saw me, and because of their phone calls in, I was able to be rescued."

Smart said that she was able to drive through Parsons, Tenn. and see all the pink ribbons around town for Holly.

Seeing "people’s signs in the windows saying ‘we’re still looking for you, Holly,’ 'we’re still searching', 'we haven’t given up on you'. That’s what a community should be like."

She added, "[Holly Bobo] could be like me, or Jaycee Dugard, or Shawn Hornbeck. I mean, there are lots of children out there waiting to be found."

Now, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight can be added to the list.

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