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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Was money at the root of Lorenzen Wright’s death? WREG did some digging to follow the money trail.

Lorenzen Wright made millions in his 13 years as a NBA player.

His ex-wife Sherra Wright told WREG about his life of luxury during a 2010 interview, just 3 months after Lorenzen’s death.

“He was an NBA basketball player. He always had a lot of money … Lorenzen has always been a good provider for me and the children.”

But near the end of his life there were signs of trouble — finances spiraling out of control and Sherra’s fight for money after the two split.

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Sherra Wright’s then attorney said she was in a court battle for child support.

“Ms. Wright did not receive any regular payments. He would occasionally give her a little bit of money. Nothing close to what he had been ordered to do.” >

But even then Sherra said she and Lorenzen had an understanding and outside of court he was giving her money for the children.

“My child support was off record. It didn’t go through the state. Whatever he was gonna give me it came directly to me. Whatever he was gonna give me in alimony, it came directly to me.

“They don’t have a record of what he did and did not pay.”

But now we know Sherra’s finances were shaky at the time.

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WREG has court records showing lawsuit after lawsuit filed against Sherra and Lorenzen some during the time they were married for real estate property and private school.

They include a 2005 tax lien from the State of California for $33,000; a 2010 Small Claims Suit from Harding Academy for $27,000; and in 2011 a $16,000 small claims from a financial company and an eviction filing from Southwind Residential Properties.

“Everything happened because of money,” said Lorenzen’s mother, Deborah Marion, who has said all along money was a motive in her son’s murder.

She says she can’t talk about it now because it’s part of the investigation.

“Money is the root of all evil. It played part in this, in his murder.”

She is now hoping to get custody of Lorenzen’s minor children.

“I hope to get them soon. I have to talk with my lawyer today to get all that situated. It’s all about the grandkids now.”