Rave Panic Button app credited with saving Arkansas athlete’s life


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BENTON, Ark. — It was a day Head Athletic Trainer TJ White will never forget.

“I got a call from one of the assistant coaches, said we had a student athlete that was down on the ground. I told him to check his pulse and I was on my way.”

Last March, a Benton County student athlete was barely breathing.

But now several months later, the teen is healthy and active thanks to a fairly new tool being used across the state.

“We’re able to send out messages to medical personnel or responders or administration or everybody,” said Dispatcher Adelia Cooper.

School employees can activate the “Rave Panic Button” app through their smartphone which automatically dials 911 while simultaneously sending a notification to everyone on campus.

“Sometimes calls to schools can be very confusing because a lot of people listen, a lot of people call in. It causes a lot of confusion and this system cuts through all that,” said Benton Police Chief Kirk Lane.

In addition to sending out the initial alert, the app also allows the dispatcher to see where the call is coming from, who it is from and the type of emergency in progress.

That  information along with floor plans can they be quickly sent to first responders, Rave Mobile Safety said.

The app also allows the call taker to send messages out to everyone providing updates.

The Benton County School District said the app works.

Before first responders were able to make it to the field, coaches were already there giving the student CPR.

“So you’re already responding before you really know what’s going on. You have a general area  and dispatch fine tunes that for us and makes our response that much more.”

This past week, the dispatchers who responded to the call, the coaches who stepped in and Kevin Chastain with the Benton School District were all honored for their quick thinking and knowledge of the life-saving app.

“It shouldn’t take away from the heroes of that day that actually saved that child, but it should add to it and it should add to the protection of this school district.”

After almost two months at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, the student athlete was able to go home.

His coaches said they’re thankful to see him back on the field.


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