Rapping Memphis 6-year-old who wants kids to dream big gets book deal


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A six-year-old Memphis boy whose rapping rendition of the Alphabet Song went viral now has a book deal.

Sam White appeared on “CBS This Morning” and “The Ellen Show” last fall after his rap song about careers from A-Z got millions of views on YouTube and Facebook.

Sam and his parents, Bobby and Stephanie White made a second appearance on ‘The Ellen Show’ Monday and told the host Sam now has a book deal with Penguin Random House.

“I tell you we are just so excited because that little rap we did in our kitchen talking about careers has turned into a picture book that will be available later this year,” said Bobby White.

Sam and his dad told WREG they wrote the two-minute “You Can Be ABCs” song together and said they learned it by practicing it in their car. The idea was to show children the careers they can have when they grow up.

Through ‘The Ellen show,’ Sam has received $20,000 for his college fund.

His dad said Sam now has his own YouTube channel , which includes “Storytime with Sam.”

A remix of ‘You Can Be ABCs’ is now available for purchase on iTunes.

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