Rallings: City’s MPD overtime budget too low

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A shock at the Memphis City Council meeting Tuesday as Police Director Michael Rallings announced new estimates for the amount that will have to be paid for police overtime.

The city originally budgeted $16 million to go towards overtime. That’s a far lower number than the $27 million Director Rallings said the city will probably pay if trends continue the way they are. He blamed the increase on the shortage of officers and having to deal with protests around the city.

“$75,000 was spent from July to today.  We have spend a lot of money on trying to address the violent crime. The biggest chunk is our personnel shortage,” he said.

But the police director didn’t come to the meeting without a solution.

On Monday, it was revealed the police department is currently experimenting with shift changes that Director Rallings said will lessen fatigue while also keeping more boots on the ground.

The pilot program is currently being tested at the Old Allen and Raines precincts. If it proves successful, it could be implemented at other stations across the city.

Rallings also revealed the city is expected to have a new recruiting class this month that should have more than 100 new recruits.

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