Raleigh residents frustrated with illegal dumping, want the city to take action


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Residents of one Raleigh neighborhood are fed up with the illegal dumping plaguing their community.

A nearby sign clearly says no dumping, even threatening a $2,500 fine or jail time. But that is doing nothing to stop people, as the dumping is happening literally feet away.

The mess of discarded household items, including televisions and furniture, overflows into the road, affecting traffic. A WREG crew captured a UPS driver carefully dodging the junk on his way to make a delivery.

The disaster left off Morgan Road in Raleigh isn’t the dumpers only target. Arthur Nolen lives just around the corner off Arwine. A trash site greets drivers as soon as you turn on his road.

When asked if he feels neglected, Nolen said yes.

“Of course I do!” Nolen said. “I’ve called 311 so many times.”

Nolen has lived in their neighborhood his whole life.

“I like it, it’s quiet,” Nolen said. “No one bothers us. Except for the dumpers.”

But he’s frustrated people keep dumping their trash here.

“If I see them, I’ll call the police or something,” Nolen said. “But because they do it late in the evening and we don’t see them then they just come, dump and roll back out.”

He says the neighborhood has dealt with their share of litter for years but now people seem to be more brazen.

“Recently, people have started dumping along the road,” Nolen said.

Nolen and his neighbors say they need help from the city of Memphis. They don’t just want this mess cleaned up but a more permanent fix. They say cameras could help catch the culprits, who could have to pay a fine.

“You could put some cameras up and if they catch two people it would pay for them,” Nolen said.

The City of Memphis released a statement on the dumping in the area:

“In response your request, Environmental Enforcement will investigate this location and the surrounding area.  Illegal dumping violators face possible arrest and fines, in addition to paying restitution.  Also, the State has been successful in issuing indictments for charges including Theft of Services, Aggravated Criminal Littering, and Vandalism over $1,000.

City residents are advised to report illegal dumping to 311.  Reporting illegal dumping allows the city to re-evaluate future deployment of surveillance camera and prioritize the efficient use of its resources.”

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