Raleigh family suffers apartment flooding problems

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Raleigh family is living in a soaked, soggy mess after Tuesday's heavy downpour. The family said this isn't the first time.

They said every time it rains, they have to deal with inches of water in their home. The family lives at the Regency at Raleigh Apartments.

When Vissa Herndon walks around her bedroom, all you hear is squish, squish, squish. That sound is her shoes splashing the water.

"Every time it rains water comes in starting from back here, and it just rushes in," Herndon said as she showed WREG her apartment.

On Wednesday, blankets and even some clothes served as sponges.

"Just wet so I have to throw every thing down."

She walked us through the aftermath Wednesday, but she said after the water came rushing in Tuesday, there was up to two inches. Paper was even floating in the bedroom pond.

Herndon lives in the apartment with her three children. She is sleeping on a mattress after she said constant flooding destroyed her bed frame. Her daughter's room was hit by flooding, too.

"This is where the water come in here. It doesn't come in from the window," Herndon explained as she pointed to a wall.

However, the worst part might be the black mold that is growing in the home. The mold has infested itself in the blinds, under boxes and in the walls.

"I cleaned this right here, and it grew back this black spot right there," Herndon said as she pulled up a box and showed WREG a mold-covered wall.

She said the mold is making her son sick.

"It's kinda hard, you know, making him get on a breathing machine every night."

Herndon said she's asked the complex for help. At one point workers sucked all the water out of the house with a vacuum and replaced the baseboards, but since then she said the complex told her there's nothing else it can do.

For now, she's looking for a new place to stay, but as a single mother, that's expensive and takes time.

"I just keep prayin' and hopin' I can find me somewhere to stay soon."

WREG talked to the apartment management office by phone, but they said they only talk to residents about issues. When we pressed them, they hung up. When we tried to go to the office in person, they were closed.


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