Raleigh Egypt parents say they don’t want ASD takeover despite being in bottom 5 percent in state

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Parents spoke out one day after community leaders said they don’t like the thought of the Achievement School District possibly taking over Raleigh Egypt Middle.

WREG asked parents why they’re so against this even though the school is struggling.

Lakesha Jackson has two children who attend Raleigh Egypt Middle. She said she’s disgusted by the thought of the state possibly stepping in.

“I think the school is doing great, and everybody should keep it the same,” she said.

The school is on the priority list, meaning it’s in the bottom 5 percent in the state. Despite that, parents remain confident.

Jackson said parents are upset about the state coming in “because they basically been here many of years and a lot of changes have come. We got a new principal and new teachers, and things seem to be working out for the best at this moment, and we want to push to keep it going.”

“I think if the community comes together, they could fix the problem,” another parent said.

State Rep. Antonio Parkinson echoes that point.  He said Raleigh Egypt is improving, and the state should allow it time to get off the priority list.

Sara Carpenter with Memphis Lift, a public parent outreach organization, said the state needs to step in.

“We just need better choices in our community, and the problem is really there, and people act like they don’t see the problems,” she said.

WREG asked ASD what it has to say about people questioning its motive. They did not answer that question but did send the following statement:

“The ASD is Memphis because this is where the majority of Tennessee’s Priority schools are, and we’re happy with the progress being made here. Along with SCS’ iZone, we’ve addressed the need of most of the Priorty schools in Memphis, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with the district.”

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