Race for the Cure organizers worry they won’t meet their fundraising goal for lack of participation


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We are just a few weeks from this year’s Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure,” but
organizers said they are worried they won’t meet their fundraising goal, if more people don’t sign up.

This year’s events are all virtual due to the pandemic. Organizers said a shortfall from lack of participation could impact the work for breast cancer prevention and care in our community.

Elaine Hare, of Susan G. Komen Mississippi, said they are looking to register thousands for the upcoming event.

“They’re not near where we need them to be. The race is two weeks from this Saturday, and we need to get the numbers up because the race for the cure is how we fund our local healthcare grants.”

As mentioned, the race is virtual this year and organizers adjusted the fundraising goal to $450,000 which is down from $750,000. Hare said every single penny is needed especially in Memphis.

“In 2011 the city of Memphis had the highest death rate among African-American women from breast cancer in the entire country,” Hare said.

Hare said they have been able to lower that number, but Memphis is still in the top ten.
The money raised from the race also helps uninsured or underinsured women received proper screenings.

Doctors are concerned because more people are holding off from getting proper screenings due to the pandemic.

“Our concern is if people delay their screening, then in years to come when people go next year or the year after we will potentially see breast cancer diagnosed at later stages,” Dr. Lindi Vanderwalde of Baptist Memorial Hospital said. “When it’s sometime harder to cure.”

Organizers of the event said though this year’s event will be different from years before, it is still vital to fighting the fight against breast cancer.

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