Quitman County officials, citizens prepare for flooding

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QUITMAN, Co., Miss. — Officials in Quitman County are urging citizens to use caution as flood water threatens to close 21 roads.

In the east part of the county, high water that isn’t draining off low lying farmland has surrounded a few homes, but so far hasn’t gotten inside.

Some of the roads that have been flooded are main routes for Quitman County school buses.

“That causes some problems for our school buses getting up and down the road and to transport our children home and to school safe,” said Quitman County EMA director Jimmy Matthews.

The big contributor is the Coldwater river, which flows by the city of Marks. From the air it’s easy to see how it’s spilled out of its banks thanks to recent heavy rains.

Crews have been filling sandbags at a warehouse in Marks and plan to place them around city and county buildings if the water threatens. Sandbags are available for those who want to be prepared.

Drone video shows how close flood water is to the Quitman County jail and courthouse.
Some folks in the county have kept sandbags around their homes from flooding that happened in 2019. The county is still waiting to receive federal assistance for that.

“The recent flood we had was in February of 2019 and we got federal declaration out of that, although no money has come in from that. We’re still working on the paperwork,” Matthews said.

While the county has tried to make improvements in its roads, adequate drainage is a problem. Matthews said the best thing people can do is stay ready for any situation

“And I encourage them to be prepared, not only for floods but for tornadoes and high wind and all the other potential disasters that we face,” Matthews said.

Below are the roads with the possibility of closure due to flooding

  • Squirell Lake
  • Hattie Lee
  • Jackson
  • Red Lake
  • Holt
  • Lombardy
  • Presley
  • Edith Preston
  • Russell
  • Eason
  • Noel
  • Lamb
  • Chism
  • Marcellini
  • Madison
  • Bear Lake
  • Robinzine
  • Mays
  • Milton Peggs
  • Terry
  • Savage

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