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Tony Smith, executive producer of a small movie called “Daddy, Why Are You In A Gang,” says the theme isn’t hard to grasp.

“The message is real simple, very simple,” Smith said. “The  message is the guys that’s in a gang, stop it!”

The movie will focus on the pain children feel when their father chooses a violent lifestyle.

The five-minute movie will be released in one-minute public service announcements starting in December.

It’s one of several methods Operation Take Back is using to tackle violence in the black community.

Besides the short film, there will be etiquette classes the use of social media.

A half dozen pastors met Tuesday to support an initiative to push gangs out of the neighborhood, revive community pride and show their outrage over any murder that hits close to home.

Rev. Dwight Montgomery, president of the local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference said it’s a plan that needs to start small in churches then spread through the community.

“Black on black crime is hurting our community and the faith-based community must step up to the plate working with the parents, working with schools working with neighborhoods.”

One way Swandra Cowlie plans to help is by teaching manners to young men.

“We will try to encourage men to be gentlemen again, to open doors for our young ladies and our elderly to hold their bags…just being kind…just simple acts of kindness everyday.”

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If you are a pastor or a church member who wants to volunteer to help your congregation in the initiative, call 494-7550 or 488-4798.