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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A puppy abandoned in a dog shelter parking lot was found shivering on the wires of her cage with snow-covered toys early Thursday morning.

Franklin County Dog Shelter said in a social media post: “It goes without saying that it is cold outside! If you’re looking to surrender a dog to the shelter, but don’t want to interact with a person for some reason, the least you can do is call 614-525-3400 and let the shelter know you have left a dog in our parking lot.”

On Friday afternoon, the shelter confirmed the small, mixed-breed puppy was about 10 weeks old, and released an updated picture of her.

The pup was found outside the shelter by people coming in and out of the building, so she wasn’t outside for long.

“But this is unacceptable,” the post said.

The little pup was reported to be safe and warm later that day.