Psychologist weighs in on R. Kelly’s girlfriends’ claims

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In an interview that has a lot of people talking, two young women are banding together and sticking by their man, 52-year-old R. Kelly. Kelly is facing 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

“Y’all killing me with this sh-t! I gave you 30 years of my f–king career,” Kelly said during Thursday’s explosive interview on CBS. Kelly screamed and jumped to his feet. It’s behavior like that that has Tim and Jonjelyn Savage worried about their daughter Joycelyn’s safety. Joycelyn is one of the two ladies currently living with Kelly.

Joycelyn, who’s originally from Memphis, says everyone has it wrong. She claims she’s not being held captive by the R&B singer. But her parents say they believe she’s been brainwashed.

“What I saw on television this morning, about the way acts when he got upset, I can only imagine what he does behind closed doors,” Jonjelyn said.

The Savages claim their 23-year-old daughter is brainwashed and is being mentally controlled by the 52-year-old singer. News Channel 3 reached out to veteran Psychologist Dr. Charlotte Freeman and asked her to watch the interview to see if she sees any signs they’re brainwashed.

“It seems like there is a need on both of their parts to truly defend him as well as to be angry at anybody who comes against him, or against their living situation,” she said.

Dr. Freeman says there are several signs that suggest you are in an abusive relationship. “Is this person controlling my movement and my actions? Are they telling me I can’t be around certain people? They are isolating me, they are dominating my finances. So they’re making sure that the only way I’m able to reach out to leave to get funds is from them.”

The Savages say, until Wednesday, they hadn’t spoken to their daughter in two years. Joycelyn didn’t answer when her mother asked why she hadn’t called her family.

Now, R. Kelly is sitting in a Chicago jail for failure to pay child support. Meanwhile, Tim and Jonjelyn are working with attorneys to schedule a “face to face” meeting with their daughter.

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