Protestors Says Shootings By Police Are Brutality

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(Memphis) A group rallied Tuesday against what it calls police brutality in Memphis.

“Stop police murder,” said a group of protestors as they marched from the Lorraine Motel to City Hall Tuesday afternoon.

The group wants to draw attention to city leaders of what it says is an ongoing problem.

“We’re here today because we believe Memphis and its police department have become a criminal scandal,” said Dr. Isaac Richmond of the Commission on Religion and Race.

He says Memphis Police officers killed 15 black men since February, 2012.

A white male, Daniel Brock, was shot and killed in April by police.

In each case, officers said they were defending themselves when a gun was pulled or a threat made.

Lorenzo Ervin calls it unacceptable, “There have been six killed this year. Right now, Memphis leads the nation in terms of fatal police shootings and that shouldn’t be the case.”

Ervin wore a picture of 15-year-old Justin Thompson around his neck.

Officer Terrance Shaw shot and killed him.

Shaw claims it was during a robbery.

No charges were ever filed against the officer.

Shaw later quit for violating department procedures including putting himself in the position of being alone with a minor without consent of the parent..

“The state police and law enforcement agencies have covered up the offense that took place with this police officer who has also been involved in the past in a fatal police shooting,” said Ervin. “The first time he should have been fired. The second time he should have been in the penitentiary.”

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