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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A day after a man allegedly pulled a gun on a group of people protesting the Breonna Taylor grand jury decision, protesters were back outside his downtown home.

Standing on the sidewalk in the 400 block of South Main Street Thursday evening, protesters played drums and barbecued on a grill.

“We’re just here tonight to celebrate Breonna’s life,” said activist LJ Abraham.

Organizers say they were originally planning to gather in a different spot, but chose to return to South Main after they say the gun was pulled on them.

“I’ve been crying all day, I’ve been emotional all day. I don’t know what else to do,” said Abraham.

Protesters spent a portion of the afternoon outside 201 Poplar, where they briefly blocked a section of Poplar Avenue.

As they protested what they perceive to be systemic injustice, cell phone video of a man pointing what they claim to be a gun at them from the previous night wasn’t far from many minds.

Shannon Bourne recalled how she felt when it happened.

“My heart was instantly like this is it. Like, there’s not gonna be any justice for me. I’m probably gonna be another person that just dies on a t-shirt, and they make some art about me,” Bourne said.

Memphis Police have launched an investigation into the incident, but Thursday, police director Michael Rallings said the investigation had hit some stumbling blocks.

“There were some challenges with getting witnesses and victims to provide a statement,” Rallings said.

Protesters say that’s not true.

“There’s nine of us who spoke up, myself included,” Abraham said.

Following Thursday’s protests, they’re hopeful the city heard their message along with possibly the man they say pointed a gun at them.

“His privilege is overtaking his brain to where he can’t see what we deal with. I get scared every time I get pulled over. Every time I get pulled over, I instantly go on Facebook Live,” said Bourne.

Both of Thursday’s protests were peaceful and there were no arrests.